Does Luke Littler Need To Have Weight Loss?


Luke Littler's fans think he needs to have weight loss. – Luke Littler’s weight loss is currently trending on the internet even though he has not lost weight. In fact, he looks quite big for his 16 years and his diet is not very healthy which is why he is being trolled a lot for his weight. Fans want to know if Luke Littler has any plans for embarking on a weight loss journey but he hasn’t yet revealed if he has any plans or not. 

Luke Littler has come a long and big way since he was just 18 months old and started playing darts. His father unknowingly shaped little Luke’s entire life when he bought a magnetic dart board from a pound shop because he has now become the youngest player to reach the PDC World Darts Championship Final at 16 years. He has not just reached there but he has also won a match in the PDC World Darts Championship and the WDF World Darts Championship as well. He is the current PDC World Youth Champion.

I think everyone around him knew that Luke Littler was destined to go big in the world of professional darts when he began playing in under-21 leagues. They were right because now, he’s on top of the world. He has everything going for him except his size which has made him an easy target of online trolls and bullies. He is quite huge for his 16 years and he looks mature beyond his years. His weight has begun to form a big part of discussions related to him. It has gotten to a point where fans are scouring the internet for information about his weight loss plans.

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Luke Littler’s Weight Loss: A Lot of People Are Very Critical About His Diet!

Luke Littler (@lukethenukelittler) needs to embark on a weight loss journey sooner rather than later, is a sentiment that’s growing on the majority of the British people. Ever since he revealed his diet, he has become an easy target for online trolls because of his size.

Luke Littler's fans want to know if he has any weight loss plan. houseandwhips.comLuke Littler’s fans want to know if he has any weight loss plan.
Image Source: BBC

So, the Nuke Littler is on top of the world these days, what with him being the youngest person to reach the final of the PDC World Championship at the age of 16 and then, being selected for Premier League Darts. It’s like the professional darts world is his and people are just living in it because the heights he has reached is where nobody has reached before. He’s where nobody can drag him down. At least, that’s what everyone thought until he started being trolled about his weight. His weight loss is trending on the internet and it’s not for a good reason.

So, Luke Littler is not exactly little and because there’s no fault in his game, people have started to bring him down for his size. He is in his teens but he looks mature beyond his years because he is very big. He’s so large that anybody would do a double take on him if they were told that he is 16. In simple terms, he is overweight and he is being given h*ll for it because as per people, he is not supposed to be like that as an athlete. They are saying that he needs to have weight loss to show that he is serious about his career in darts.

Now, he also has many supporters who defend him saying that weight isn’t of much importance in sports like darts and if it really impacted the game like people are making it out, Luke Littler would never have gotten as far as he has. But it didn’t help his case when he was defeated in the finale of the World Darts Championship by Luke Humphries revealed that he had worked hard for the last three or four years on his weight loss to become the best version of himself.

Luke Littler Has Not Revealed His Weight Loss Plans For The Future!

Luke Littler does not have a very healthy diet.
Luke Littler does not have a very healthy diet.
Image Source: Darts News

People especially went crazy when Littler opened up about his daily diet. They were not happy with his diet plan. In fact, they were very critical of it because what he ate wasn’t exactly the “diet of the champions.” It was very unhealthy and as they say, unfitting for an athlete. I don’t want to say it’s only darts but it is only darts which is not a very hardcore sport. What I mean is his weight does not hold much weight in his game and fans should get off his back and stop indirectly pressuring him to have weight loss. Let Luke Littler enjoy his diet!

I will just do what I have been doing. In the morning, I will go for my ham-and-cheese omelette. Then for lunch, I will have my pizza. I will practice on the board. That’s what I have done every day.

According to Caroline Farrell, a registered nutritionist and sports nutrition lecturer, who gave an insight into what Luke’s diet could mean for his darts skills in a conversation with Daily Star, his daily diet is around 3,300 calories which is a bit more than what is necessary for a teen. She also pointed out that his diet seemed to be low in complex carbohydrates which are “important for sustained energy levels in a match.” Long story short, Luke Littler’s diet was deemed unhealthy and since then, his fans have been curious to know if he has any weight loss plans for the future.

They want him to have a healthy and proper diet fitting for an athlete of his caliber, one that would not affect his game, and so, they want him to lose his weight because the aftermath of his diet revelation has got them convinced that weight does matter in darts as well. Hence, they want him to have health and fitness plans for the future and they want to know if he has given a thought to it. If Luke Littler has weight loss plans, he has not yet revealed it.