Maya Rudolph Surprised Fans With Her Weight Gain on SNL!

Derick Scholz

Maya Rudolph was revealed to have had weight gain in her recent SNL appearance. – Maya Rudolph’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live has led to speculations about her weight gain. The comedian did appear larger than how people remembered her. She once said that, since she had children, her weight is always fluctuating. Maya Rudolph has not made any comment about the recent weight gain speculations but this might be another of those fluctuations she talked about.

Maya Rudolph is a terrific actress and a brilliant comedian, one of the best we have. Anyone who has watched her on Saturday Night Live can vouch for that. She’s naturally funny and it just adds to her charm. She even shined in the supporting roles that she did for the movies such as 50 First Dates, A Prairie Home Companion, and Idiocracy. She was noted for her performance in other movies such as Grown Ups and its sequel Bridesmaids, Inherent Vice, Sisters, Life of the Party, and Disenchanted as well.

Maya Rudolph has also done voice acting. She has lent her voice to several animated films including Shrek The Third, Big Hero 6, The Angry Birds Movie, The Emoji Movie, and Luca. She has also voiced various characters for the animated sitcom Big Mouth. She recently made a return to Saturday Night Live. She was hilarious in that sketch where she mimicked one of the ABBAs. But because she also looked larger than the other cast members and guests and larger than how people remembered her, people are talking more about her weight gain!

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Maya Rudolph’s Weight Gain: She Looks Bigger Than Before!

Maya Rudolph (@princesstagram) was revealed to have undergone a bit of weight gain in her recent Saturday Night Live appearance.

Maya Rudolph debuted her weight gain in a recent SNL episode. houseandwhips.comMaya Rudolph debuted her weight gain in a recent SNL episode.
Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Wasn’t it great to have Maya back on SNL after so many years? People loved her when she was one of the cast members of the show because she was so spot-on and hilarious with her mimicry and so good with her comic timing. She was so great at making people laugh and she hasn’t lost that quality about her even though it’s been fifteen years since she left SNL. In those fifteen years, she seems to have gained only weight. By the way, did you notice that she had a weight gain?

Was it that Maya Rudolph gained weight or was it that she just is bigger in comparison with Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon who had joined her for an episode of SNL? All of the three were great in the sketch where they spoofed TV pitches for Christmas albums. It was very funny when they did the impression of the Swedish pop group ABBA. But it was very jarring to see how bulkier she looked than Wiig and McKinnon. Her weight gain was very prominent.

She hasn’t been very consistent when it comes to maintaining her weight but she hasn’t looked that big in a while. Even people who have been keeping up with her don’t remember her looking like that. She definitely debuted her new appearance in the latest SNL episode. Fans were surprised to see that she had had a bit of weight gain. It sure wasn’t anything drastic but it stood out in contrast to Kristen and Kate both of whom looked tiny in comparison.

Has Maya Rudolph Said Anything About Her Weight Gain?

Maya Rudolph shared that her weight started to fluctuate a lot since she had her kids. houseandwhips.comMaya Rudolph shared that her weight started to fluctuate a lot since she had her kids.
Image Source: Variety

After that recent revelation, fans started to scour the internet to see if there was anything about her weight gain but since it’s so recent, there’s nothing about it. Also, maybe there’s not much to know about how she put on weight. As I mentioned, she has not been very consistent in maintaining her weight, her weight often fluctuates, and this might just be another fluctuation.

Maya Rudolph has spoken about it. She has shared how her weight has been fluctuating a lot since she had her kids. Maybe she’s not been very strict about her workout routine and her diet plans since she had children because they were her priority or maybe she wanted to maintain weight because she couldn’t manage time for herself out of her busy schedule. It’s also possible that she stopped caring about how much she weighed altogether. But which one is it? What caused her to have weight gain? Fans want to know because she has been maintaining a svelte figure in the last few years.

Because Maya Rudolph gained 70 pounds when she was pregnant with her first child Pearl Bailey and she was eating pancakes and ice cream during that time, and everywhere she went, she was asked if she was having twins, she said that she tried to be more aware of what she ate during her later pregnancies. She tried to be strict with her calorie intake and she mostly managed to maintain her weight. Now, what changed for her to have a weight gain?

Maya Rudolph has not yet shared how she had weight gain. If she responds to the discussion about her weight that’s going on on social media, we will keep you updated on that.