Michael Smith’s Weight Loss: The Darts Star Has Shed Few Pounds!


Michael Smith’s Weight Loss: The Darts Star Has Shed Few Pounds! houseandwhips.com

Michael Smith has inspired many people with his weight loss since the pandemic period. The darts star looks much healthier and thinner now.

Michael Smith, better known as Bully Boy, is an English professional darts player who plays in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events. He is the reigning World Champion and World No. 1, having won the 2023 World Championship. He started being interested in darts in his teenage days, and after dropping out of college, he began his professional career by playing in a darts tournament.

Recently, Michael has been in the spotlight after he posted a video wishing himself a happy 33rd birthday. He captioned his Instagram reel, Capital knows whose birthday it is. After the video started getting people’s attention, some of them started questioning his health, and some seemed to be inquiring about which flavor of vape he loved the most. It looks like many people want him to be stable in his life and quit vaping.

Recently, Michael has been making headlines as he appears to have lost a few pounds. Of course, many people want to know about his weight loss journey. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Michael Smith Started His Weight Loss Journey During His Honeymoon!

Michael Smith (@michael180smith) was suggested to have a weight loss from the beginning of his career. His weight has been seen fluctuating many times during his life, and people are accusing him of not being serious about his health.

While some people seem upset and concerned about his weight, others have been bullying him for his physical appearance. Finally, he started to focus on his diet and workouts to make himself better during the pandemic period.

Michael Smith inspired many people with his weight loss during the pandemic period. houseandwhips.comMichael Smith inspired many people with his weight loss during the pandemic period.
Image Source: Instagram

In 2022, Smith spoke of taking a big weight off his shoulders after the Grand Slam. Previously, in 2020, during a pandemic period, he impressed many of his fans with his weight loss transformation, but it looked like he ended up gaining some weight back. However, during his game, he proved that weight didn’t matter, and he will always be a hero in the game of darts, as he said;

I was so nervous. In the first few legs I was shaking like mad, but then Nathan started to miss doubles and let me in. Nathan is a quality player and if he had got going it would have been a totally different game. Every time I got a shot I took it out, and then I started to find my scoring but my doubles stayed, so happy days!

Michael Smith Impressed His Fans With His Weight Loss During the Pandemic Period!

One of the users on Reddit posted about Michael Smith‘s weight loss achievement during the pandemic period, which inspired many people. He shed around 42 lbs, going from a 5XL down to a XXL. Many people guessed that he might have sacrificed a lot to change himself, including starving all day and working out every day.

Michael Smith used to be bullied for his weight. houseandwhips.comMichael Smith used to be bullied for his weight.
Image Source: Instagram

After the weight loss, when he was asked about the journey, he explained how he had been embarrassed about his weight for years. He mentioned being about 20 stone and embarrassed of himself during his honeymoon period, and that was the moment when he decided to have a weight-loss transformation for the first time.

He also said that it was not enough that he lost three stones, but when he saw the difference between his before and after photos, he was amazed at how much he had lost. He also said that he will be trying hard to lose more and will be focusing on his weight loss.

Michael Smith Was Bullied for His Weight!

During an interview in 2020, Michael Smith mentioned how he was bullied for his weight. He admitted that in the beginning, the negative comments didn’t affect him, but slowly they started getting on his nerves. He was getting messages saying to go and kill himself, and all of that affected him heavily.

Continuing the interview, the English professional darts player revealed how he has been making his weight loss success. He lost more than two pounds in three to four months and he has been struggling with his workout routine and diet. He also stated:

The schedule is always busy as it is, but I think in three weeks it is going to be crazy. We have probably got 10 to 15 Pro Tours to catch up, plus the European Tour, plus the Premier League nights. It is going to be tough, but it is going to be enjoyable at the same time, because you have just got to remember what we have been doing over these last three or four months.