RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Thinks Her Weight Loss Is The Consequence of Fame!


RHOSLC's Monica Garcia has denied using Ozempic for weight loss. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Monica Garcia has drawn a lot of Ozempic comments after her weight loss. But the RHOSLC insists that she did not lose weight by using Ozempic but it happened because of the stress from fame and divorce. Monica Garcia’s followers don’t buy that her weight loss is the result of her newfound fame. 

Monica Garcia might be just a rookie who just made her debut in reality shows but the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) star is on par with seasoned veterans of true reality stars who actually know how to keep themselves and the show going and how to keep the viewers on the hook. She is easily the most scandalous star of RHOSLC at just one season old. She’s the new villain of the show who has revived the show and the essence of the drama.

Monica Garcia might be the most hated cast member but she is also the most talked about, and isn’t online discussions and more visibility on social media the bread and butter of influencers and reality stars? Ever since she revealed that she helped put Jen Shah behind bars and ever since she was unmasked as the faceless Instagram troll Reality Von Tease who tormented the RHOSLC stars, she has occupied the viewers’ minds rent-free. Everything she does gets attention and lately, it’s her weight loss. People have been incessantly making comments that she is on Ozempic. Let’s see what she said about that!

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Monica Garcia’s Weight Loss: The RHOSLC Alum is Accused of Taking Ozempic!

Monica Garcia (@monicanikigarcia) has shocked the viewers of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) with her dramatic weight loss. She was very full-bodied on Season 4 of the show which premiered in September and she looks like she has lost a lot of weight since then. Because of how quickly her transformation took place, many followers have speculated that she’s on Ozempic.

Monica Garcia's drastic weight loss has come across as a shock to fans. houseandwhips.comMonica Garcia’s drastic weight loss has come across as a shock to fans.
Image Source: Variety

In November, the reality star debuted her new body at BravoCon and left her followers in shock. She looked incredible with her slim figure but I guess you could say that she looked unbelievable because people couldn’t believe that she had lost so much weight in such a short time. Since then, there has been an influx of comments about her use of Ozempic on Instagram. Her followers think that her drastic weight loss is only possible with the use of the drugs.

Monica Garcia has denied the speculation that she got slender with the help of Ozempic. Unsurprisingly, she has not been enjoying all the comments on her weight and new figure because most of them accuse her of using drugs to lose weight. Tired of such remarks, she took to her Instagram story to call out people for suggesting that her weight loss is the result of Ozempic. She wrote,

Listen. I don’t think you would be as comfortable talking about my health or my body if I was getting bigger or gaining weight. So stop commenting Ozempic on my [posts].

Monica Garcia also made sure to let people know that she didn’t get unnaturally thin after her physical transformation by posting a throwback photo of herself where she looked just as slender as she looks now. She was wearing a bikini in the picture which she claimed was taken right before she got pregnant with her children, Kendall (6), and West (7). She pointed out that her weight loss was just her body returning to its natural slender state and there was nothing unnatural or medical about it. In an Instagram video, she said,

For my entire life I have always weighed 120 to 125lbs. I had my two babies back to back, they’re literally like twins, and I never lost the weight from being pregnant with them. And so I weighed 150lbs for the last few years and now I’m like 128lbs right now. So like 22 pounds. There’s my whole health history, you guys, but I’m actually at the weight now that I’m normally I’m at my whole life. 

Monica Garcia Says Her Weight Loss Is Due To Stress From Fame and Divorce!

Monica Garcia denies using Ozempic to lose weight. houseandwhips.comMonica Garcia denies using Ozempic to lose weight.
Image Source: People

The RHOSLC star also pointed out that she has gone through a lot of changes in her life since her debut in the reality show and such changes have affected her physically as well which is what led to her drastic transformation. She said that she has been stressed out with everything going on like her divorce and her reality show and her drama which has given the same results as Ozempic. Monica Garcia attributed her weight loss to everything but the drugs.

If you hadn’t noticed my entire life has completely changed very, very quickly, like, in the course of, like, 7 or 8 months. And I’m navigating it all for the very first time in my life. I’ve never been so stressed out. Throw a divorce in there as well, and stress, anxiety, depression, divorce could give you all the same results as Ozempic.

However, people don’t believe her denial about Ozempic because she has kind of lost credibility among the viewers because of everything she did. What she has done makes for great drama but that’s not good for her personal brand if she were to make it about honesty and openness. So far, fans have not bought anything Monica Garcia has said about her weight loss. One fan wrote,

I don’t believe a word out of this woman’s mouth.

Another thought she would not have lied about Ozempic,

I feel like she would be open and honest about Ozempic at least!

A third wrote,

Two years from now she gonna be suing ozempic for not getting the results she wanted.