Natalie Portman Can Never Evade Plastic Surgery Speculations!


Natalie Portman is suspected of having plastic surgery such as a nose job and eyelid surgery.

Natalie Portman is never going to evade plastic surgery speculations because she has a very stunning and perfect face and people are always going to wonder if that’s even real. Looking at her before and after pictures, the actress is suspected of having a nose job and eyelid surgery. Natalie Portman has never admitted to having plastic surgery. 

Natalie Portman is one of the finest actresses Hollywood has ever seen. She’s terrific and her talent is in abundance. I think the number of accolades she has been honored with speaks very well of her mastery of the craft of acting. She has three Academy Award nominations out of which she won one. She also has two Golden Globe Awards. In the prolific film career she began when she was a teenager, she has never let down the viewers.

Natalie Portman truly deserves the appreciation she gets for her acting which she gets by the way. You know what else she gets? She gets attention for her beauty as well. I bet that she has never gone through a day without someone complimenting her appearance. She looks too good to be true and she’s in Hollywood which means since she rose to mainstream fame, there has not been a day when people have not made speculations that she has had plastic surgery. Let’s talk about that!

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Natalie Portman Always Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors With Her Perfect Face!

Natalie Portman (@natalieportman) is never going to evade the speculations of plastic surgery. She is always going to have people wonder if she’s all-natural or if she has had help in the looks department. There are many who suspect that she has had a nose job and eyelid surgery.

Natalie Portman's face always sparks plastic surgery speculations. houseandwhips.comNatalie Portman’s face always sparks plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: Variety

Natalie has a very perfect face. Let me rephrase that: she has the most perfect face, like literally. When anyone says that about her, they are not saying that just to say it and being generous with their compliments. She just has that ideal face. According to a 2015 study led by Dr. Chris Solomon, a world expert in facial mapping, Portman comes closest to being the most perfect female face. As such, plastic surgery speculations come into her territory.

As one of the most beautiful women who is an actress, Natalie Portman is never going to have people not speculate that she has had cosmetic treatments. I mean, the practice of going under the knife to give a bit of tweak to your facial features to make it ideal is very rampant and because Natalie looks extremely beautiful, in an unreal way, people are obviously going to wonder if she’s all-natural or if she has had plastic surgery to attain the perfect face.

The Oscar-winning actress possesses such divine aura and mystique of Old Hollywood that she looks and feels like a dream. There are not many people who have the perfection she has. So, people are bound to wonder if the perfection she has is even real. It wouldn’t be very surprising if she got plastic surgery because she’s one of the biggest Hollywood stars and they have been known to take help with what nature gave them.

Has Natalie Portman Had Plastic Surgery? Has She Had a Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery?

Natalie Portman is suspected of having a nose job and eyelid surgery. houseandwhips.comNatalie Portman is suspected of having a nose job and eyelid surgery.
Image Source: People

Now, even though the general public’s reservations about the Black Swan star’s appearance being real come from her sheer surreal perfection, there’s not much to stick to speculations of cosmetic surgery because she does not look made up as well. She looks very natural. If she has indeed had plastic surgery, she chose the most accomplished surgeon who has performed the most subtle cosmetic work.

Nobody might be able to tell if Natalie Portman has had work done by looking at her, but if you were to compare her before and after pictures which are just pictures of when she was young and her recent pictures, you might be able to notice some alterations in her nose and eyelids. You will see clearly that she is not completely without plastic surgery because it looks like she has had a nose job and eyelid surgery.

Not that the 42-year-old looks drastically different around her nose and eyelid area but there are definitely noticeable changes. Even before, she had a perfect nose which was not much wide. She seems to have gotten it slimmed down further. It’s still the same shape as it was before, just thinner and narrower and more refined. Smaller overall. Now she has a small, streamlined nose that is most requested at a plastic surgeon’s face. She herself might have bought that nose with plastic surgery.

Natalie Portman also may have done something about her heavily lidded eyes because now, her eyes have opened up a lot more than before. Her eyelids have become wider and many think it’s because she had plastic surgery. However, these are mere speculations that Portman has never responded to. She has never admitted to having cosmetic work.