Nicole Byer Doesn’t Want To Have Weight Loss? Why?


Nicole Byer does not want to have weight loss.

Nicole Byer neither has had weight loss nor wants to have it. Why? Because the comedian hasn’t found a single diet that works for her and she does not want to be thin. She’s fat and she owns it like the brave person she is. Nicole Byer does exercise in order to be healthy but she is really not looking to have weight loss because she has accepted the body she’s in without losing weight.

Nicole Byer has always nailed it in comedy and she has excelled at acting as well. She has notably done the commentary series Girl Code and gained recognition for it but mostly, with her comic timing, she has also stolen every scene she is in during her guest appearances in comedy series 30 Rock, Family Guy, Transparent, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Simpsons.

People also loved her in movies such as Other People, All About Nina, Bad Hair, and Valley Girl. Her theatrics have gained her a lot of followers who, while they appreciate her comedy, are always kind of preoccupied with her weight. They always want to know if she is putting effort into losing weight and that’s not working out for her because she has been the same weight for years. Well, people, Nicole Byer does not want to have weight loss. Why? Find out why from this article!

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Nicole Byer Hasn’t Had Weight Loss? Find Out Why!

Nicole Byer has often been rumored to have undergone weight loss. houseandwhips.comNicole Byer has often been rumored to have undergone weight loss.
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Not that you need me to tell you this because you can see it for yourself but let me tell you that Nicole Byer (@nicolebyer) hasn’t had weight loss. But why? You might need me to tell you this one. (There have been rumors in the past but they have always turned out to be untrue.)

Well, Byer hasn’t lost weight because she has not found any diet plan that works for her. She has tried many but all in vain because it hasn’t really done much to help her keep her weight in check. She has been on the low-carb Atkins diet and she has tried the ketogenic diet among others but has it resulted in any favorable change in her physique? No. She didn’t have weight loss and she found out that none of those diets were made for her body.

Nicole Byer has given up trying. She said that she does not ever want to be on any kind of diet again because she realized that none of the diet’s ever going to work for her because she likes to binge and that kind of counters the meaning and effect of diet. She can’t really have weight loss if she does not eat in moderation, can she? As she said in an interview, the root of her problem isn’t the diet but her habit of binge eating.

If you eat 100 oranges, it defeats the purpose of eating an orange.

So, the comedian has sworn off dieting but that does not mean she’s given up trying to maintain her health. She does exercise even though she does not like it because she can’t just eat and then not indulge in physical activities. Nicole Byer has to keep her weight in control and also take care of her health. And exercises make her feel good but she does not do it with weight loss in mind.

Exercising does help with life. Endorphins are real and it’s annoying because I don’t like to exercise. I hate running, but I started weight lifting like 150 pounds, and it’s fun and it makes me feel accomplished. 

Nicole Byer has not had much success with diets so, she's given it up. houseandwhips.comNicole Byer has not had much success with diets so, she’s given it up.
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Notice how I said she hasn’t given up trying to stay healthy and not that she hasn’t given up on weight loss? Well, that’s because she never tried for weight loss. When she tried diet and when she started exercising, it was all to stay healthy, not to lose weight and get slimmer. She had never intended to shed weight. She does not want to be thin. Why? Well, she has her reasons.

Nicole Byer Doesn’t Want to Have Weight Loss? Find Out Why?

And what would that be? Well, she is all about being body-positive and she does not think that it would qualify as body-positive if she tried to lose weight and get slim. So, as long as she is healthy, she does not really mind her weight. She does not care about being fat because her idea of body positivity is not hating the body she’s in. It would not really be not hating her body if she longed for a slimmer body and embarked on a weight loss journey, would it? In 2018, Nicole Byer told Brit + Co that she’s learned to love herself the way she is because

No one’s truly ugly. You’re always beautiful to somebody, and you’re always ugly to somebody. You shouldn’t even worry about what other people think. You shouldn’t even worry about what other people think. You should just look in the mirror and be like, ‘I’m a f***in’ badass babe!’ And that took me a very long time to get to. But I like who I am. I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Ooh, what a sexy motherf***er.’ I’m happy!’


Nicole Byer does not want to be thin. houseandwhips.comNicole Byer does not want to be thin.
Image Source: New York Post

Also, by not thinking about having weight loss as most fat people in society are expected to, she’s just embracing the brave personality that society attributes to overweight people for just existing. In all seriousness, it’s not about the backhanded compliments though it might have exhausted her. She said that she does not care to lose weight because she is a fat woman who has come to love and accept her body without losing weight and getting thin. That’s why Nicole Byer does not want to have weight loss. She just wants to be happy and healthy.