Patricia Cornwell Plastic Surgery: She Looks Like Rubber!

Derick Scholz

Patricia Cornwell has had tons of plastic surgery.

Patricia Cornwell has the most obvious plastic surgery. The writer has had tons of Botox and seemingly, fillers and a facelift too which shows in her face in its tightness and its rubbery complexion. Maybe because it’s so easy to tell that she has had plastic surgery, Patricia Cornwell has been so open about getting cosmetic treatments. She has always been candid about how much she hates aging.

Patricia Cornwell is an American crime writer who shot to fame when she published her first crime novel Postmortem in 1990. The protagonist of the novel, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a female medical examiner went on to be what Sherlock Holmes was to detective fiction and mystery. The series became an instant hit which got exponentially hefty book deals and Cornwell went on to sell over 100 million copies worldwide. While she has mostly continued on with and published the Scarpetta series, she has also had brief forays into a nonfiction book called Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper-Case Closed and more humorous crime novels.

However, needless to say, it’s the Scarpetta series that Patricia Cornwell is most known for and that has made its return. Forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta is making her 28th appearance in print in Cornwell’s latest novel Unnatural Death. Anyway, the recent release has thrust the writer into the spotlight under which she looks very very rubbery. It has got people talking about her plastic surgery. So, let’s talk about it!

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Patricia Cornwell’s Plastic Surgery: She Has Had Tons of Botox!

Patricia Cornwell (@1pcornwell) has been very open about having plastic surgery to undo what aging did to her. She has mentioned having tons of Botox but people suspect she has had fillers and a facelift as well.

Patricia Cornwell has been frank about having tons of plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comPatricia Cornwell has been frank about having tons of plastic surgery.
Image Source: The Telegraph

If you were wondering if Cornwell has had any cosmetic treatments after looking at her, then wonder no more because she has put it out in the open that she has gone under the knife, well, let’s say injections, numerous times. She has been very frank about absolutely hating aging and what it did to her face. And she has also been frank about getting plastic surgery for her aid. More than a decade ago, in 2011, in an interview, Patricia Cornwell mentioned trying Botox in her late 40s.

I am 55 and my face is not getting any younger, but it’s trying hard to stay well preserved. I am a fan of Botox. The first time I tried it was in my late 40s. Someone said, “You scowl a lot and Botox will help you not to frown.” Botox not only helps with wrinkles, it actually makes you feel more relaxed as frowning causes tension. I just wish it wasn’t so darned expensive.

Patricia Cornwell did not adapt very well to aging and she went on to get more and more Botox as she grew older. She did not learn to just age naturally by not worrying about looking older. She has tons of money and she did not hesitate to spend it on plastic surgery. In 2016, she joked that she would not decompose because of how much plastic it was, which, think of it, was not her joking because it was the truth.

I’ve had plenty, trust me, I’m a very expensive person. By the time I die, I probably won’t decompose, honey, I’ll just lie on top of the earth.

Patricia Cornwell Hasn’t Had The Best Plastic Surgery!

Patricia Cornwell has not changed that much in that regard even though it’s been a while. In her 2022 interview as well, she said that she hated aging and how it made her look and how she fights it tooth and nail. Though at this point, it might be her tons of plastic surgery that’s making her look the way she looks. She also said that she hadn’t done Botox in recent years but the damage from it has been done.

I haven’t done it in recent years and wouldn’t anymore as a lot of these things over time are not necessarily helpful. But the thing in this day and age is to stay fit and active.

Patricia Cornwell looks very unnatural and weird after all the Botox she has had. houseandwhips.comPatricia Cornwell looks very unnatural and weird after all the Botox she has had.
Image Source: New York Post

The writer may have stopped getting Botox but going by how rubbery she looks, it looks as though she might be stocking up on fillers. Given how she looks like she’s melting but somehow, everything is staying where it is like her face is being pulled back tight, she may have had a facelift as well. She really did everything she could to not let take her youth. She really fought and unfortunately, she lost to plastic surgery. How ironic!

She does not look good. She does not look natural and she certainly does not look young like she intended to. I think she’s already realized, even though it’s too late to do anything about it now, that more Botox and more plastic surgery does not mean more youth because she now looks like a candle and she looks like rubber. As one of Patricia Cornwell’s followers put it,

She does not look great, It really does look like a mask. That’s terrible eye surgery she’s had done. They do not suck fat out of upper eyelids. Her brow bone is an unfortunate shape and contour to start with. She looks like a bad prosthetic piece.

Another wrote and they are not wrong that,

She looks like she’s wearing a mask. Awful, awful plastic surgery.