Paul Gascoigne Seems Addicted To Plastic Surgery (Botox)!


Paul Gascoigne has gone overboard with plastic surgery. Paul Gascoigne is addicted to plastic surgery. You just know it when you look at him because you can tell that his face has been injected with Botox a million times. He’s so waxy and rubbery that it looks like he’s going to melt down any time. Paul Gascoigne, who is also said to have had a laser facelift, once scared people with his plastic surgery (Botox) obsession.

Paul Gascoigne is a legend in the football scene. Very few people have enjoyed the fame like he did during his playing career. Terry Wogan called him “the most popular man in Britain today” in September 1990 and it was not an exaggeration. The National Football Museum of Britain described him as “the most naturally talented English footballer of his generation.”

Paul Gascoigne is regarded as one of the best playmakers of his generation. He truly was a beast when he was on the football ground (he played as an attacking midfielder). But gone are those days when he used to play and it’s sad to see how his life has turned out because of his struggle with alcoholism, and addiction to plastic surgery. When earlier, he used to make headlines because of his game, now, it’s mostly because of how messed up he looks.

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Paul Gascoigne’s Plastic Surgery: He Has Gone Overboard With His Procedures!

Paul Gascoigne (@paul_gascoigne8) has been very open about having plastic surgery to help with his aging. He has often mentioned having Botox and he is also said to have had a laser facelift.

Paul Gascoigne getting plastic surgery did not do him any favor. houseandwhips.comPaul Gascoigne getting plastic surgery did not do him any favor.
Image Source: The Telegraph

I truly hate to say this but doesn’t Paul look messed up? Well, he either looks all messed up or just normal, depending on where he is in his battle with alcohol addiction, but most of the time, he looks like a mess. Even when he is on alcohol detox, he does not look good. At 56, he does not look his age. He does not even look like a human half the time. So, it begs the question: How much of his premature aging is due to alcohol abuse and how much is it due to plastic surgery?

Well, what I think is Paul Gascoigne aged rapidly because of his excessive consumption of alcohol, and when he finally decided to cut it down, he realized how absolutely geriatric he looked compared to his age, and got Botox to fix that, which did not do favor for his looks. Either way, both alcoholism and plastic surgery had a hand in him looking like a mannequin.

He has been very open about having cosmetic procedures to help him with his looks. He’s also very candid about feeling the need to look young or let’s say appropriate for his age. Like, about two years ago, he was complimented on how well he looked after becoming a grandfather at 54, and his response was like, ‘oh, yeah, I probably should get plastic surgery.’ He really did say,

Yeah lovely little kid. I’ll have to get more Botox.

When Paul Gascoigne decided to stop drinking, he essentially tried to fill the gap that alcohol left him with Botox because, for a few years, he went too far with the anti-wrinkle injection. He said that he occasionally got the injections as anti-aging cosmetic treatment. Occasionally, it sure was not, given how he looked like an alien. He really developed an obsession with plastic surgery as well. When he was asked during an interview with The Times in 2012 if he had “chemical assistance” to get an unlined forehead, he said,

Aye, I have that Botox now and again, nowt wrong with that.

Is Botox The Only Plastic Surgery Paul Gascoigne Has Had?

Paul Gascoigne has had tons of Botox and also a laser facelift. houseandwhips.comPaul Gascoigne has had tons of Botox and also a laser facelift.
Image Source: Eurosport

Of course, nothing wrong with Botox, Paul. But it was definitely not now and again, it was way more than that because now and again can’t make you look like an alien or like a candle. I mean, he went so overboard with Botox that he sparked concerns among his fans and friends with his obsession with plastic surgery. Many believed that he was swapping his addiction to alcohol for a different toxin. Dr.Ross Perry, in a conversation with The Mirror, had this to say about Paul Gascoigne.

From the very smooth, shiny forehead, it is apparent Paul has had Botox injections, although it looks to have been slightly overdone. Botox addiction is a common problem with those suffering from low self-esteem. Potentially vulnerable patients need a medical professional who will say ‘no’ to treatments.

Not just Botox, Paul Gascoigne also is said to have had a laser facelift. He has never admitted to it but apparently, it was reported by the clinic itself and Gazza has not denied it so, it must be true. He supposedly wanted to get rid of his prominent eye bags and wanted to do something about his sunken temples, flattened cheeks, and loose skin around his jawline, so he visited the Aesthetically You clinic in Liverpool for a plastic surgery fix.

There, he got a laser facelift which helped undo the skin damage caused by alcohol addiction a bit. His cheeks look pinned back and I think that’s how you could tell at the time. Anyway, the point is Paul Gascoigne has had too much plastic surgery. Well, technically, Botox and laser facelift both isn’t surgical but they are cosmetic procedures.