Peter Cosgrove Weight Loss: Has He Lost Weight?


Peter Cosgrove's admirers are concerned about his weight loss.

Sir Peter Cosgrove has gotten everyone concerned about his weight loss. People are worried that he might have some health issues, going by how he went from average (which looked healthy) weight to being a lot thinner. Peter Cosgrove has not acknowledged his weight loss. He has not revealed how he lost weight but he reportedly is on a low-bread, no-carbs diet.

General Sir Peter Cosgrove is a retired senior Australian Army who notably fought in the Vietnam War. He served as a commander of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment from 1983 to 1984 and later went on to be a commander of the 6th Brigade and the 1st Division. He served as Australia’s Chief of Army from 2000 to 2002 and as Chief of the Defence Force from 2002 to 2005.

He was later promoted to lieutenant general and general. Following the end of his term as Chief of the Defence Force, he retired. A graduate of Royal Military College, Duntroon, he was named to succeed Dame Quentin Bryce as Governor-General of Australia in January 2014. He was sworn into the office on 28 March and made a Knight of the Order of Australia in the same year. He was succeeded by General David Hurley on 1 July 2019.

He often comes into the spotlight when he narrates stories of when he served in the military, especially when he was fighting in the war. He’s been a very inspirational public figure and he has gained a lot of admirers who are now concerned about his weight loss. They have noted how in recent years, he has started to get skinny to the point of looking sick and unhealthy. The change in his weight has aged him as well. Let’s discuss Sir Peter Cosgrove’s weight loss!

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Sir Peter Cosgrove’s Weight Loss: How Much Does He Weigh Now?

Peter Cosgrove has had a noticeable weight loss in recent years.
houseandwhips.comPeter Cosgrove has had a noticeable weight loss in recent years.
Image Source: The Australian

Sir Peter Cosgrove appears to have undergone a noticeable weight loss. People haven’t failed to note how he has started to look much thinner (and also less healthy) than before. His appearance has changed to the point that it’s starting to worry people. Many are concerned that his losing weight has something to do with his developing health issues.

Peter Cosgrove is one of the bravest and fiercest people in Australia. He notably fought in the Vietnam War and survived. He has a lot to share about his time as a soldier fighting in the war. He has often detailed what it was like on the battlefield at the young age of just 22. The way he talks about that time, what he talks about that time, and the way he approaches what he went through, we can tell he’s very intuitive and sensitive and strong.

He has garnered a lot of admirers from speaking about the war and how there is “no sense of joy” from the war, “just the relief that you’ve survived.” They are glad that he made it and is living his life to the fullest now, probably with a new appreciation for it. But lately, they are starting to get worried about his health. It’s that noticeable weight loss that has got everyone thinking that he might be dealing with some health problems.

If you have been keeping up with Sir Peter Cosgrove, you might be aware that he used to be of average weight and he looked healthy before. But now, he’s lost so much weight that he looks sick like he might have developed some issues with his health. He has gotten so skinny that it has aged him by ten years in terms of his appearance. When he had some weight in him, he used to look much younger than now. But his weight loss makes him look very sunken and sick and old.

Peter Cosgrove Has Not Acknowledged His Weight Loss!

Peter Cosgrove has not yet revealed how he lost weight. houseandwhips.comPeter Cosgrove has not yet revealed how he lost weight.
Image Source: ABC

While people are very much worried about his weight loss and want to know how he lost so much weight in such less time (they want him to confirm that he is not actually sick and does not have any health problems), Sir Peter Cosgrove has not even bothered addressing their concerns. He has not acknowledged the change in his appearance.

So, we don’t know how much the war veteran weighs currently and we don’t know how he lost it. But he reportedly has been on a no-bread, low-carbohydrate diet for quite a while. He also is said to use medicine to control his cholesterol levels. Now, we can’t be sure because he has not said so but that might be the reason he underwent that weight loss.