Raymond van Barneveld’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey!


Raymond van Barneveld’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey! houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – In the early 2010s, Raymond van Barneveld decided to undergo weight loss and has lost more than 10st 5lb by 2015. Fast forward to 2023, it appears the darts ‘GOAT’ has lost even more weight as he looks completely different than what he used to look in his prime. 

Raymond van Barneveld, often referred to as “Barney,” is a professional darts player from the Netherlands who plays in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events. He is also known as “The Man” in the world of darts because of all the achievements he has accomplished in the sport.

Over the years, Raymond has undergone significant weight loss transformation despite his increasing age. Those who have witnessed him in his prime are very well aware that he looked way too heavy than how looks now.

And Raymond van Barneveld has been pretty open about his weight loss. He previously revealed that he once weighed more than Tyson Fury. At the time, he also added that he lost 4 stone since he started his transformation journey. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Raymond van Barneveld Decided to Undergo Weight Loss to Improve His Health and Performance!

Those who have seen Raymond van Barneveld (@raybar180) in the early 2010s are aware of how he looked at the time. According to him, he used to weigh 135kg. However, he decided to undergo weight loss in around 2011 and has managed to keep his body in shape ever since.

Raymond van Barneveld before and after weight loss. houseandwhips.comRaymond van Barneveld before and after weight loss.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

He took to a decision to transform his body to improve his performance as well as health. In a 2015 interview, she revealed that he had lost more than 4st 5lb in the span of 4 to 5 years at the time. He said,

It is a lot better for me, for my eyes, a lot better for my sugar levels…But the funny thing is when I was 135kg (21stone) I played a lot better – and I won an awful lot more!

Talking about his diet, he explained,

I try to avoid carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta. I say to myself, ‘I will take it only once a day’. So, in the morning I eat egg, salmon, meat or fish. Then, in the ­afternoon, I eat maybe meat or fish. In the evening, I take carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta or bread.

8 years after the interview, it appears Raymond van Barneveld’s weight loss journey continued as he looks slimmer than ever in 2023. Despite being in his mid-50s, he is still competing after coming out of retirement in 2021.

No doubt, Raymond serves as an incredible inspiration for everyone trying to transform their body. He has proved that everyone is capable of living a fit and healthy life. He is a living example of the quote: Age is just a number.

Meet Raymond van Barneveld’s New Wife, Julia Evans!

In November 2023, Raymond van Barneveld posted pictures on his Instagram and confirmed that he and Julia Evans are now married. He shared beautiful pictures of their wedding with a caption,

Five years ago I met you for the first time. Since that moment my life changed with you by my side.
In September you became my wife in for me an unbelievable beautiful day

I love you Julia forever xxxxx.

However, we are unsure when exactly they got married. According to The Sun, they officially started dating in April 2019. However, they were already caught kissing in a hotel that February.

Raymond van Barneveld and his wife, Julia Evans. houseandwhips.comRaymond van Barneveld and his wife, Julia Evans.
Image Source: Instagram

The darts great proposed to Julia Evans in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Van Barneveld proposed earlier this year in February at the French hot spot, where the soon-to-be-married couple snapped multiple images.

The couple, who were set to marry in August, were forced to postpone their wedding owing to the World Series of Darts finals. The competition was held from September 15 to 17, with Dutch opponent Michael van Gerwen winning – Barney was defeated in the quarter-finals by Peter Wright.