Shea McGee May Have Used Ozempic For Weight Loss!


Shea McGee's followers wonder if she took Ozempic for weight loss. – Shea McGee’s followers have noticed that she has had a bit of weight loss and they want to know if she is on Ozempic. While some of them think that she just looks thinner because she lost pregnancy weight, others think that she is on Ozempic because she got thin in a relatively short time and people from Utah can get their hands on medication very easily. Shea McGee has not yet responded to speculations about her weight loss. 

Anyone would think that Shea McGee, the star of Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover has a degree in interior design because she is a masterclass at it but did you know that she actually has a degree in public relations and she just happened to get into interior designing when she developed a fondness and passion for it when she renovated her first home with her husband?

Shea McGee might have come from a different background but she has achieved tremendous success in the field of her passion and choice. She, along with her husband Syd, founded her design firm Studio McGee in 2014 and has designed thousands of homes across the country since then. She is now one of the leading innovators in the interior design industry with a sizable design portfolio. She has become a celebrity and her followers show interest in not just her designs but her personal life as well. Lately, they have been talking about her weight loss and questioning if she is on Ozempic!

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Shea McGee’s Weight Loss: She Has Definitely Shed a Little Bit of Weight!

Shea McGee (@studiomcgee) has gone through a bit of weight loss and her followers wonder if she has taken Ozempic to lose weight.

Shea McGee has sparked weight loss speculations with her new skinny appearance. houseandwhips.comShea McGee has sparked weight loss speculations with her new skinny appearance.
Image Source: Distractify

It’s not much but Shea has definitely shed some weight. It’s not very little either because it’s very noticeable that she has gotten a bit thinner than just a few months ago. Not that she was extremely fat or overweight either because even the slightest fluctuation in her weight did not go unnoticed on her body but the change in her appearance was kind of visible. Her weight loss, though not very substantial, has brought about a change in her looks.

Just scroll through Shea McGee’s pictures on Instagram and you will understand what I mean. Maybe because it was not gradual how she lost weight that the slight physical transformation was very apparent. She did indeed shed her weight very rapidly and in a relatively short period of time and her followers are talking more about how fast she lost weight than about just how she lost weight. Either way, her weight loss is doing rounds on social media.

By now, even if anyone had not been keeping with her, they know. It just takes a quick scroll on Shea McGee’s Instagram handle to see how much she has changed in just a few months. But it does not tell you what she did for her physical transformation. Did she somehow manage time to do a few workouts in her busy schedule? It seemed as though she was missing that as she juggled her career, her television show, and her young kids. Maybe she’s become a pro at juggling so, added a gym session to the mix. Can that be how she had weight loss?

Did Shea McGee Use Ozempic For Weight Loss?

Shea McGee is speculated to have used Ozempic to lose weight. houseandwhips.comShea McGee is speculated to have used Ozempic to lose weight.
Image Source: People

Or did the star of Dream Home Makeover just change her diet plans in order to get thinner? She never gave the impression that she minded her weight because she was not heavy at all so, maybe she just started eating more healthily. Or maybe it’s not the lifestyle change at all that caused her to have weight loss. Many have speculated that Shea McGee might be on Ozempic.

Some of her followers think that the fact that the interior designer got too skinny in a very short period of time is a good reason to think that she might have lost weight not naturally with lifestyle changes but with the help of Ozempic. I mean, it’s true that she has never been this slender before and her physical transformation happened too soon it seems like a blur from her pictures. Her weight loss might not be organic after all.

Also, consider the fact that Shea McGee is from Utah and it’s very easy for people to get their hands on the medication in Utah. As one of the Redditors put it, everyone there gets Ozempic because “these med spas give it away like candy.” So, there’s a possibility that she underwent weight loss by taking the medication. Because she never gave anything away about her having problems with her weight and wanting to lose it, it might not seem that she would take Ozempic but since the meds are so accessible there, maybe she just thought, “Why not?”

Or on another thought, it’s just Shea McGee losing her baby weight.

She did just have a third baby a year ago so my guess is it’s normal post baby weight loss.

Whatever it is, she has not shared how she had weight loss, nor has she acknowledged the Ozempic and other speculations.