Toie Roberts: Was Rick Ross’ Daughter Pregnant at 14?


Rick Ross' daughter Toie Roberts was not pregnant at 14 years old. – Rick Ross’ daughter Toie Roberts was rumored to be pregnant when she was 14. Tia Kemp, Ross’ ex-girlfriend spread the pregnancy rumors about her. Toie Roberts subtweeted her denial. In 2019, she pulled a prank about her being pregnant which people did not buy. 

There’s something about Rick Ross‘ daughter Toie Roberts and pregnancy. Every time she dominates the news cycle among the hip-hop community, it’s always because she is either accused of being pregnant, is actually pregnant, or pulled a prank that she is pregnant. I think the fact that women give birth will never let her fade away from pop culture. She’s always going to be relevant and her key to relevance will be rumors of her pregnancy. Such rumors date back to when she was 14 (it was not her fault then) and they crop up every next year. There’s a pattern there that makes it look like there might be no end to it.

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Was Toie Roberts, Rick Ross’ Daughter Pregnant at 14 Years Old?

Remember when Rick Ross‘ daughter Toie Roberts was rumored to be pregnant at 14 years old? Wasn’t it vile who started the sick rumor and why?

Rick Ross' daughter Toie Roberts was accused of falling pregnant at 14. houseandwhips.comRick Ross’ daughter Toie Roberts was accused of falling pregnant at 14.
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Do you know what makes a good ex-partner? When someone does not go on the internet constantly talking sh*t about their former lover and the former lover’s family, it’s kind of classy. Unfortunately, that kind of class seems to have eluded Tia Kemp and thus, the world is forced to bear witness to her unhinged rants about Rick Ross and his family members every two days. She leaves no drama unstirred and it gets very exhausting. It’s embarrassing how she is obsessed with Toie Roberts especially and once accused her of falling pregnant when she was 14. Vile she is, isn’t she?

Toie was just a teenager when she had to go through someone going on a public tirade about her spreading false rumors about her pregnancy. It was so gross of Tia Kemp to just throw such accusations without any regard for how it might affect a literal child. Dragging others by bringing their sexual life is already so low but the fact that Toie Roberts was 14, a minor at the time, just takes it to another level. Add to it she’s a parent of her half-sibling. Why couldn’t Kemp just let her be?

What in the world could have Rick Ross’ daughter (minor) done that would have justified Tia accusing her of getting pregnant and then aborting the child so publicly on Instagram Live? Absolutely nothing. Kemp is too bitter and hateful. She has been locked in a custody and child support battle with Ross for years but that does not mean that she should take it out on his 14-year-old daughter. This did not go well for her as people slammed her for what she did and came to Toie Roberts’ defense.

Tia Kemp promptly deleted the Live where she had gone off on Toie saying she got pregnant and aborted the child at 14 but she issued no apology. She never followed through on what she said in her rant about showing receipts of the allegations she made and exposing Rick Ross and his family. She clearly had no idea what she was saying and luckily, what she said didn’t disturb 14-year-old Toie Roberts much. She simply subtweeted her denial with a caption,

I’m not even pregnant and my child still richer than u. u lose.

Did Rick Ross’ Daughter Toie Roberts Get Pregnant in 2019?

Rick Ross' daughter Toie Roberts played a pregnancy prank in 2019.
houseandwhips.comRick Ross’ daughter Toie Roberts played a pregnancy prank in 2019.
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While what happened in 2016 about Rick Ross‘ daughter being thrust into the spotlight because of the false accusations that she had gotten pregnant at just 14 years old was totally out of her control and not her fault in any way, the same can’t be said about what happened in 2019. She was again at the center of pregnancy rumors when she was 17 and it was all because of herself. Toie Roberts herself kind of orchestrated it even and it backfired on her.

What happened was that Toie “played a prank” by misleading others into believing that she was pregnant. And when everyone thought that she was indeed going to have a baby, she clarified that she was not actually carrying a baby and that she had just poked her stomach out and pretended that she was pregnant as a joke in a photo that she posted on her private page (someone had leaked the picture and the word got around). But you know what was weird about the whole thing is that the picture was taken in May and Toie Roberts revealed that it was a prank after nearly four months in September?

Many people found it sus and didn’t buy that Rick Ross’ daughter was playing a prank. From the delay in the revelation that her pregnancy was just a prank and had no truth to it, they made out that she was actually pregnant but got an abortion and was backtracking by denying it. They pieced it together that her mother was congratulating her on her baby and that her father had threatened to cut her off if she had that baby and came to the conclusion that Toie Roberts had aborted her child.

If it was a prank, it did not go well for her, did it? Anyway, she was not pregnant at 14 years old and she was not pregnant at 17 years old but she did actually have a baby when she was 21 for real.