Did Queen Naija Mention Being Pregnant Again on Instagram in 2024?


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Queen Naija has not mentioned being pregnant on Instagram. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Is Queen Naija pregnant again in 2024? The Instagram influencer sparked pregnancy speculations after she supposedly was spotted with a baby bump. Many claimed that she had had weight gain as well. However, Queen Naija has not mentioned anything about being pregnant again on Instagram. 

Queen Naija Bulls is one of the most popular Instagram influencers right now. She began her career as a vlogger on YouTube but what put her on the map was American Idol. She took part in season 13 of the show and though she didn’t win as she was cut when the top 30 were chosen after successfully advancing into the Hollywood round, it contributed immensely to the growth of her career as a social media personality. It also gave her a kickstart to a career in music.

Queen Naija Bulls self-released her first single Medicine in 2017 which reached the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. After the single made it to the chart, she got signed to Capitol Records. Shortly afterward, she put out a self-titled EP in 2018 which debuted at number 26 on the Billboard 200. The EP spawned three singles that were certified platinum by the RIAA. She released her debut album Missunderstood in 2020, which debuted and peaked at number 9 on the Billboard 200. Now, let’s segway into discussing if the Instagram influencer is pregnant again because there has been gossip about it!

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Is The Instagram Influencer Queen Naija Pregnant Again in 2024?

So, it’s one of the trending questions on Google search now, “Is Queen Naija pregnant again?” And is she? What’s the reason behind people speculating that the Instagram influencer (@queennaija) is carrying a baby? And how has she responded to the rumors? Let’s find out!

'Is Queen Najia pregnant again in 2024' is a question trending on Google search right now. houseandwhips.com‘Is Queen Naija pregnant again in 2024’ is a question trending on Google search right now.
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Rumor has it that Naija is going to have a baby again and if I had to be honest, those rumors took me a bit by surprise because the social media personality getting pregnant again was not in my 2024 bingo card because she is only 28 and she has already had two kids and doesn’t three make crowds? Especially since she is not even 30 yet. I know that my line of thought is not engraved in stone as reasons why someone should not have three children before 30 but still, it makes no sense to me.

Also, think about it. What has sparked the rumors that Queen Naija will soon be welcoming a third child? Is it something she hinted at? Or is it something very mundane and people are reaching because they are bored and they need something to obsess about and they are doing it for the sake of gossip without sort of genuinely committing to it? What is it specifically that has led people to question if Bulls is pregnant again in 2024?

Well, to answer that question, rumors started after Queen Naija was apparently spotted with a baby bump. She is also said to have had noticeable weight gain in recent months. About the baby bump, where are the pictures because pictures can only be foolproof, and without valid proof, the rumors should die on its own? And as for the weight gain, I can see why people would think that she is pregnant again but no, weight gain is not a substantial ground to assume someone’s pregnancy as women can gain weight because of other reasons as well.

Queen Naija Has Not Mentioned Being Pregnant on Instagram!

Queen Naija has not confirmed or denied the rumors of her pregnancy. houseandwhips.comQueen Naija has not confirmed or denied the rumors of her pregnancy.
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Now, to put my two cents in, I don’t think that Bulls is going to have a baby because do you know what she said recently on a podcast about having kids? In November 2023, on the first episode of her new podcast Let’s Talk About It, she said that she sometimes finds herself envious of people who have no kids. People with no kids do have the freedom that people with kids can only dream of. For someone who dreams of that kind of freedom, would Queen Naija plan to get pregnant again? For the third time? I don’t think so because as she said,

Sometimes I envy the girls that get to wake up with no kids and like literally get to design their apartment the way that they want and literally just go and do whatever they want.

Also, add to it that she began her motherhood journey at the young age of 19, and before she could ever get a chance to be herself and find herself, she got busy being a mother and raising her children. Queen Naija didn’t get much time for herself and after having kids, she doesn’t get much room to focus on her personal growth like other women with no kids. It really did not look like she was planning to get pregnant again in 2024 from what she said.

If the Medicine singer did actually fall pregnant and rumor has it right, well she is yet to reveal it. So far, Queen Naija has not mentioned anything about having a baby in 2024 on Instagram or any of her social media profiles.