How Did Weijia Jiang Get the Scar on Her Face?


How Did Weijia Jiang Get the Scar on Her Face? – The visible scar on Weijia Jiang’s face has generated a lot of debate on social media. However, the exact cause remains unclear because the reporter has not revealed any details.

Weijia Jiang is an American television journalist and reporter based in Washington, D.C., who has been the Senior White House Correspondent for CBS News since July 2018. She also belongs to the Asian American Journalists Association. She discovered her interest in broadcasting at the age of 13 when she became a student reporter and anchor for Channel One News in Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old began her career at CBS News in 2015 and has covered the White House since 2018. During a White House press briefing, she asked President Donald Trump about the COVID-19 testing program in the United States, which drew international attention and coverage. Furthermore, she earned an Emmy in 2023 for her services to CBS Mornings.

Recently, we have discovered a lot of people seem to be curious about the scar on the left side of Weijia Jiang’s face. As a result, they are fascinated to know whether it is her birthmark or if she got it by any accident. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

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Weijia Jiang’s Facial Scar Remains a Mystery!

As we all know, there has been buzz all over social media about Weijia Jiang‘s (@weijia) face scar. Numerous theories have emerged about the origin of her scar, eliciting speculation and curiosity. One common belief is that the scar was produced by a childhood accident. While details are lacking, this theory suggests her scar emerged during her early years, having a long-lasting impact on her life and eventually affecting the woman she would become.

The reason for Weijia Jiang's facial scar is still unknown. houseandwhips.comThe reason for Weijia Jiang’s facial scar is still unknown.
Image Source: Instagram

A wound may eventually become a scar when it heals. Facial scars appear in different shapes and may be caused by trauma, acne, burns, or surgery. Scars on your face may take longer to heal since it is continuously exposed to the elements. While you can cover or protect other parts of your body while a wound heals, your face is exposed to the elements for the majority of the day. It may be impossible to shield wounds on the face as they heal, and it may be difficult to keep medicines from rubbing off.

Although the mystery surrounding Weijia Jiang’s scar has excited the curiosity of many fans and the media, the actual reason has not been disclosed, yet. The reporter and her representative have never discussed the details of her facial scar. So, it’s likely to say, it remains a mystery.

A Glimpse at Weijia Jiang’s Journey From Reporter to First Woman of Color Elected President of the White House Correspondents’ Association!

Journalist Weijia Jiang was elected president of the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) last year, being the first woman of color to do so. Following the submission of 387 ballots, she was named the winner of the at-large seat on the WHCA Board for 2023 to 2026, where she will also serve as the association’s president from 2025 to 2026. She defeated her opponent, USA Today‘s Francesca Chambers, with 251 votes.

Weijia Jiang was elected president of the White House Correspondents' Association in July 2023. houseandwhips.comWeijia Jiang was elected president of the White House Correspondents’ Association in July 2023.
Image Source: WBUR

The senior White House correspondent for CBS News began her career as a reporter for WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland, after graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism. She worked at WJZ-TV in Baltimore from 2008 to 2012.

She served as a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor for WCBS-TV in New York City from 2012 to 2015, covering important stories such as the Boston Marathon bombings, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, and Hurricane Sandy.

In the 34th News & Documentary Emmy Awards, WBZ-TV in Boston earned a regional Emmy award for its spot news coverage of the Newtown Tragedy, which Weijia Jiang was involved in reporting. Later, she hosted the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Gala Dinner in 2014, which included letters of support from then-President Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, and Bill de Blasio.

In 2015, Weijia relocated to Washington, D.C. to work as a correspondent for Newspath, CBS News’ 24-hour news gathering service. She has covered key political topics such as the 2016 United States presidential elections, the funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush, and the congressional baseball shooting as part of her work. Later, she joined as a White House correspondent in 2018, following her coverage of President Donald Trump‘s G-7 Summit and his administration’s zero-tolerance policy.

Furthermore, Weijia Jiang has traveled with Trump on numerous occasions, including on Air Force One, and has covered stories such as Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s historic summit in Helsinki, the Mueller investigation, and the 2020 US presidential elections.

In addition, she also belongs to the Asian American Journalists Association. During the Joe Biden administration, she continues to cover the White House as a senior White House Correspondent for CBS News.