Rubi Rose Claims She Has Not Had BBL!

Derick Scholz

Rubi Rose has denied getting BBL procedure.

Rubi Rose has a very huge curvy derriere that looks perfect from every angle which has made people think she has had BBL. But the rapper has denied having plastic surgery to enhance her buttocks. Rubi Rose claimed that the only reason she looked thick as sh*t was because she gained 20 pounds and not because she got BBL surgery.

Rubi Rose first gained prominence when she appeared in Migos‘ music video for Bad and Boujee. Not long after that, she started her career as a rapper with a remix of On Top, a song by Playboi Carti. In 2019, she kind of broke through with her single Big Mouth after which she was signed to Hitco Entertainment. In 2020, she made a cameo appearance in Cardi B‘s music video for WAP.

The same year, she released her first official mixtape For the Streets which featured guest appearances from Future and PartyNextDoor. In 2021, Rubi Rose was featured in the Freshman List by XXL. This year, she signed with Mogul Vision/Interscope and just a month ago, she released her first single Hood B*tch. Her career has not taken off the way she wanted it to and her debut album is still in the works. Yet, she’s extremely popular and has made headlines because of her butt only as well. Let’s talk about the rumors that she had BBL!

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Rubi Rose’s BBL: Is Her Perfect Round Butt Really Natural?

Rubi Rose is accused of having BBL to enhance her butt by lots of her fans but she has always maintained that she has never had plastic surgery of any sort.

Rubi Rose's fans are convinced that she has had BBL. houseandwhips.comRubi Rose’s fans are convinced that she has had BBL.
Image Source: HotNewHipHop

Doesn’t Rubi have the most alluring and curvy figure? If you know her, you know how much she loves to flaunt her butt and why wouldn’t she love to show off what she has when what she has is the most perfect thing to look at? I mean it seriously, she has the most voluptuous and round derriere that makes her body shape look so enticing. Her body looks like a dream. It looks unreal so, it’s not very surprising that people speculate she has had BBL.

People can’t help but suspect that Rubi Rose has had plastic surgery to enhance a*s because come on, how is she so slender and is it possible to have such a big, round butt on such a tiny frame? She’s extremely slim up to her waist and then, it looks like it’s a whole different body. She has an uncharacteristically thick lower body with those big thighs and huge buttocks for someone so petite. It just does not look natural which is why fans have accused her of having BBL.

After all, it’s not unheard of. It’s a trend among female rappers to go for a curvy, thick, and voluptuous shape. So, they get various cosmetic procedures to get the perfect hourglass figure with huge breasts, slender waist, and giant a*s. Breast implants, lipo, and BBL are very common among them. As such, it wouldn’t be very surprising if Rubi Rose got her behind altered surgically to make it look bigger which, in the rap scene, is always better.

Rubi Rose Denies Getting BBL!

Rubi Rose has denied getting BBL to enhance her a*s. houseandwhips.comRubi Rose has denied getting BBL to enhance her a*s.
Image Source: Yahoo Finance

But the thing is whatever it may look like, however unrealistically big, round, and perky Rubi’s butt may look like, she has denied having plastic surgery to enhance her figure. She claims that she is all-natural and her a*s is real. She gets really mad whenever people speculate that she has had BBL. She has often called them out for spreading fake rumors.

The rapper also once explained that her butt looked the way it looked not because of artificial enhancements but because of genetics and a bit of weight gain. She also made sure to mention that she was not against plastic surgery at all. Rubi Rose only wanted to get it across that she has not had BBL.

Lowkey all East African girls have the same shape, thick Asf with a small belly and no t*ts. I’ve always been hella skinny with no boobs- and i would feel like a little boy so I’d try and dress sexy and show my bum to be more feminine. But I gained like 20 pounds this past year & now im thick as sh*t. I’m not against surgery at all , BUT I will say I think the girls that are getting it now are too young. You don’t put on your womanly weight till like 24.

Maybe she is telling the truth. When you seek her before and after pictures, you will see that she has been pretty much the same shape with that huge butt since she was a teenager. She couldn’t have plastic surgery that young. So, even though it does not seem unlikely that she is actually that petite with a butt bigger in proportion to her lower body, it truly may have been her genes and not BBL. Rubi Rose’s butt may be natural.