Talia Jackson’s Weight Loss & Breast Reduction: How Did Jade From Family Reunion Lose Weight?


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Talia Jackson’s Weight Loss & Breast Reduction: How Did Jade From Family Reunion Lose Weight?

Talia Jackson, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Family Reunion, has recently undergone a significant weight loss. Many people wonder if she underwent breast reduction surgery, however, the Jade actress has not shared any information on how she lost weight. Similarly, the 21-year-old star was previously diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of 13 and also suffered from ADHD and OCD.

Family life can be entertaining, so it’s no surprise that so many television programs have portrayed families and provided plenty of belly laughs over the years. The storyline possibilities are endless, and as long as your show has a strong family dynamic, it will find an audience. In the case of Family Reunion on Netflix, it discovered a diverse and passionate audience.

The American show, created by Meg DeLoatch, debuted on Netflix in July 2019 with season 1 divided into three parts. It returned for a two-part second season in 2021, and fans were invited to re-visit their favorite characters in season 3 on Thursday, October 27th, 2022.

Similarly, when Family Reunion returned, one of the first things viewers may have noticed (and probably appreciated) about Talia Jackson‘s character, Jade was that she no longer wore her wig. For nearly two seasons, the wig has been a part of the plot, for better or worse.

Similarly, she has recently been in the spotlight over social media due to her current appearance in the new season of the show, where she seemed very lean than she used to be. Many fans and followers have been curious to know more about her transformation and wonder about the secret behind her weight loss.

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Talia Jackson’s Weight Loss: The Family Reunion Cast Has Recently Lost a Significant Amount of Weight & Many People Wonder if She Has Undergone Breast Reduction Surgery!

Talia Jackson (@taliajacksonofficial) quickly rose to prominence after landing her big break on the award-winning Netflix series Family Reunion. During a year that has been difficult for the world as a whole, the actress-singer has shifted her focus to openly discussing her own depression, mental health, and well-being—and she is committed to keeping the conversation going. Meanwhile, the Jade actress is recently on the highlight due to her current weight loss appearance.

Fans and followers have been praising the Family Reunion cast for her recent appearance and her journey in order to lose weight and maintain her good physique and health. At the same time, many people have also speculated if her depression and mental health might be the reason for her current weight loss. Likewise, she has also been speculated to undergo breast reduction surgery. However, she has yet to make remarks on that allegation.

Producers told Talia Jackson, a 19-year-old actor, and singer that she would need to hide her signature curls for storytelling when she was first cast in the role. Jade, who is biracial, became more in tune with the fullness of her overweight, racial identity and embraced her natural hair over the course of the first two seasons (therefore shedding the straight wig).

However, the hateful comments from viewers that questioned not only Talia’s appearance but also her identity came to play an outsized role in the actor’s life. What was supposed to be a happy moment turned into a painful one. Talia transformed her pain into opportunity with her new look after weight loss. Now, the star is confident in herself and shines brighter than ever.

Similarly, the show’s premiere caused controversy because of Jade’s hair and her overweight, but Talia faced her own controversy before the show even aired. Talia spent the summer in Wisconsin with her best friend when the season one trailer was released in June 2019. She excitedly scrolled through the Instagram comments to see how fans were reacting to the trailer, only to be mortified by hurtful comments that targeted her overweight appearance and racial background.

Talia Jackson’s anxiety was undoubtedly triggered by the show’s reaction, but she is no stranger to dealing with her mental health. She was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of 13 after becoming embroiled in a bitter custody battle between her parents. She is also suffering from ADHD and OCD. Similarly, she has struggled with anxiety for the majority of her adolescence.

The 21-year-old star admits that she began to accept her constant depressive state as her fate, particularly after a particularly difficult 2019 and 2020. Though last year was challenging in many ways, it also marked a watershed moment. Talia sought other ways to manage her mental health conditions, including spirituality and alternative medicine, after being hospitalized in July for a liver and gallbladder infection she claims was caused by antidepressants.

Talia Jackson is now in a much better place, allowing her to focus on thriving rather than simply surviving. She now credits her mental health issues with shaping her into the person she is at the age of 19. This transformation, however, did not happen overnight. Talia worked tirelessly to achieve this level, and she can now look back on negative experiences, which she refers to as “lessons,” with gratitude.

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