Taylor Lewan’s Fans Think He’s Retiring Due to Weight Loss!


Taylor Lewan has undergone a dramatic weight loss of about 50 pounds. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Taylor Lewan has undergone a drastic weight loss of about 50 pounds over the last few years. The footballer, after sustaining injuries over the last seasons, has been away from the field, and in the time that he has spent away from football, he has dropped a ton of weight. Taylor Lewan’s fans doubt that he’s coming back after seeing his weight loss but Lewan insists that he can gain weight in time to play.

Taylor Lewan‘s sports career could have been so much better than this. It’s not ideal what turn his career has taken because of the injuries he sustained. It seemed like he had a bright future in football since he was a sports prodigy who received first-team All-American honors twice when he played college football at the University of Michigan and got selected by the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He played as an offensive tackle for them.

During his NFL career, Taylor Lewan went on to be named to three consecutive Pro Bowls from 2016 to 2018. It was going pretty well for him until 2022 when he was released by the Titans after he sustained injuries in two of the previous seasons. Since his release, he has been co-hosting the Barstool Sports podcast Bussin’ With the Boys, along with former NFL Linebacker Will Compton. His fans are expecting him to return to the field but seeing his weight loss, they don’t dare to hope that he will come back. Anyway, let’s talk about his weight loss, shall we?

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Taylor Lewan’s Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Weight?

Taylor Lewan (@taylorlewan) has gone through the most dramatic weight loss in a very short time in the history of football. You might have noticed that he seems to be about 50 pounds lighter.

Taylor Lewan has had a tremendous weight loss of about 50 pounds. houseandwhips.comTaylor Lewan has had a tremendous weight loss of about 50 pounds.
Image Source: CBS Sports

It’s jarring to see how drastically Lewan has changed in terms of his physique since he was released by the Tennessee Titans in 2022. As an offensive tackle who is usually the largest and the tallest player on the football field, he was built like a mountain and looked very heavy and bulky. He weighed 315 pounds when he was active. Not too long after his release, he shed tons of weight and got painfully skinny compared to before. His weight loss rendered him completely unrecognizable.

While Taylor Lewan has not shared what exactly it is that caused him to get that thin and lose that much weight and that too in such a short period of time, I don’t think he would have gone that way if he hadn’t been released by the Tennessee Titans. I mean, there’s no way that they would have signed him in the condition he was in. I think we could have seen it coming when he was limited to five games because of a torn ACL in 2020. That was the beginning of the seemingly end of his football career which would result in his weight loss.

Also, Taylor Lewan sustained injuries in two of the last three seasons and a knee problem sufficiently ended his 2022 campaign after just two games as he couldn’t possibly play in that condition. I mean, he could not even walk properly. He could barely tackle offensively. He had to step away from the sports and in having to do that, he lost weight. It might be shocking because of how fast he transformed but you can’t be surprised because it’s normal for offensive tackles to undergo weight loss once they stop playing football.

What Has Taylor Lewan Said About His Weight Loss?

Taylor Lewan says that he can easily gain 30 to 40 pounds in two weeks. houseandwhips.comTaylor Lewan says that he can easily gain 30 to 40 pounds in two weeks.
Image Source: ESPN

As a Redditor pointed out, his weight loss no matter how drastic, was to be expected.

This happens all the time with linemen. OL/DL have to eat a TON to keep their weight up, and so when they retire they go to exercising and eating a normal amount, and they slim out real quick. Skill players don’t, and also are more likely to have things like knee injuries that keep them from doing the cardio or exercising they’re used to, so they gain weight more often. 

Anyway, with how tiny Taylor Lewan has gotten over the last two years, fans who were expecting to see him return to the field don’t dare hope that he’s coming back again. They just don’t see how he can make a comeback and play while he looks dangerously small and thin, compared to before, and thus, too frail and insufficient for the sports. Lewan was a very great player when he was heavily built but people hate to think how he would do after his weight loss.

When Taylor Lewan was asked when he would gain weight for the sports, he said that his knee was his priority at the moment and weight gain was not much of a concern because he could easily do it. He said on his podcast that he can easily gain about 30 to 40 pounds in less than two weeks. Seeing that he is about 50 pounds under his playing weight, he seems convinced that he can make a comeback and that he doesn’t have to retire. Lewan doesn’t think his weight loss is stopping him from playing.