Chef Maneet Chauhan Did Not Have Weight Loss Surgery!


Chef Maneet Chauhan is suspected of having weight loss surgery. – Chef Maneet Chauhan’s weight loss has sparked health concerns because fans think she’s too thin and looks sick. Many of them wonder if she’s had surgery to lose weight. In 2020, when she lost 40 pounds, she revealed that she went about it by calorie counting and burning, not surgery. Chef Maneet Chauhan appears to have undergone another drastic weight loss since then.  

Maneet Chauhan is one of the most creative and charming judges on Chopped. The Indian-American chef has been enthusiastic and energetic in all her appearances on the Food Network shows which has garnered her a lot of fans. The television personality has appeared on The Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America, and she has also served as a judge on the finale of Worst Cooks in America. She has also won the 2021 Tournament of Champions.

Before Maneet Chauhan began a career in cooking reality shows, she was employed as the executive chef of several high-profile restaurants in Chicago, Nashville, and New York. Anyway, her career as a chef and as a chef on cooking reality shows is not what we are here to talk about. Today, we gather here to discuss her weight loss because she appears to have lost too much weight and it cannot go untalked about. So, how did she lose weight? Did she have surgery because it was too drastic? Let’s find out!

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Chef Maneet Chauhan’s Weight Loss Surgery: Has The Food Network Star Lost Weight? Is She Sick?

Chef Maneet Chauhan (@maneetchauhan) underwent an impressive weight loss of 40 pounds in 2018. She seems to have lost much more weight since then, which has sparked health concerns and speculations that she has had surgery among her fans. Either they are worried she’s sick or they think she has undergone surgery to lose weight.

Chef Maneet Chauhan's weight loss sparked speculations that she is sick. houseandwhips.comChef Maneet Chauhan’s weight loss sparked speculations that she is sick.
Image Source: OK Magazine

The Chopped judge caused quite a stir on social media recently when she shared a meme of her transformation from a casual look to a television-ready look. Dressed in a blue hoodie that read “I’m just here for the snacks” and black leggings with gold sneakers in the video, she twirled around only to reappear in a flowery blouse with the same leggings and shoes. She went from casually dressed to ready for professional engagements, which was the point of the video. But what caused commotion on the internet about that video was not that but her weight loss.

It didn’t unnoticed as chef Maneet Chauhan showed her different looks in the video that she had gotten incredibly skinny. She looked too thin which sparked health concerns among her fans. She had already lost about 40 pounds before a few years and had reached a healthy weight which is to say that she could have gone without losing weight after that. But she seems to have undergone even more dramatic weight loss in recent times. Some people have been speculating that she has had surgery to lose weight.

Because Maneet Chauhan had reached a perfect level of fitness after losing 40 pounds around 2018, the recent physical transformation that was revealed in the Instagram video looked a little too dramatic and unneeded. She did not need to look that thin is what a lot of fans have been saying. They are worried that she’s sick. There are also a lot of people who want to know how she’s lost weight this drastically. They wonder if she has had weight loss surgery.

A fan expressed their worries about the chef’s health,

I just saw her last instagram post and am FLOORED. I’m not sure the cause of her weight loss and I hate to comment on someone else’s body, but I was kind of shocked (in a not good way) about how thin she is right now…I just hope she’s making sure to take care of herself.

How Did Chef Maneet Chauhan Have Weight Loss?

Maneet Chauhan used the calorie count and burn method to lose 40 pounds in 2018. houseandwhips.comManeet Chauhan used the calorie count and burn method to lose 40 pounds in 2018.
Image Source: FoodSided

Well, the chef has not revealed if she’s lost all that weight by undergoing surgery but if there’s nothing new to her recent physical transformation and the secret of how she did it is what she did the time when she shed 40 pounds, then it’s just simple calorie-counting and burning. So, yeah, the Food Network star Maneet Chauhan embarked on a weight loss journey before and she did it very simply. No strict diets (because she is a chef and her living is centered on food and she couldn’t avoid it) or tough workout schedules to follow. As she said,

I couldn’t go on a restrictive diet like keto or paleo because I eat for a living.

So, what she did when the diet was not a solution was that she began calorie-counting. She tracked the calories she consumed with the help of an app, and keeping in mind her calorie intake, she made sure to burn them by taking at least 10,000 steps every day. And that’s the secret of Maneet Chauhan’s weight loss, not surgery.

I kept to 1,200 calories a day, which would pretty much start with me logging my two glasses of wine and two pieces of chocolate, so I knew what I had left.

She very determinedly kept up the calorie-counting and it worked like a charm for her.

If I’m at the airport and the lounge is over there, I’m like, ‘No, I haven’t done my steps.’ So I walk from one end of the airport to the other with my suitcase. Even at breakfast, there’s a croissant over there and there’s a boiled egg, and I know I’m going to have a big dinner tonight, so let’s stick to the boiled egg. The mindless eating ends.

Chef Maneet Chauhan did not need to have surgery for weight loss. Heck, she didn’t even need to diet for it. Just the simple calorie-burning.