Terese Neighbours Weight Gain: Rebekah Elmaloglou’s Weight Fluctuations!


Terese from Neighbours had a weight gain of 10 kg after she joined the show. houseandwhips.com

The Terese Willis actress from Neighbours underwent a drastic weight gain after she joined the show and she has never been able to bounce back from it. Rebekah Elmaloglou gained 10 kg and went up three dress sizes after she started doing Neighbours. A lot of the viewers were unable to recognize Terese Willis before her weight gain because she was so slender. 

You probably recognize Rebekah Elmaloglou as Terese Willis from Neighbours? Did you know that she was the actress who played the teenage tearaway Sophie Simpson on Home and Away? And could you tell that it was her when she made guest appearances in E Street, A Country Practice, and Pacific Drive? And would you have been able to recognize that it’s the woman who played Terese in Neighbours if you watched the movies Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Princess Kate, and The Sum of Us?

Probably not because when she did the movies, she was much younger and slender and looked completely different. But after she joined Neighbours, she underwent a drastic weight gain and she has not been able to bounce back from the change ever since. Now, she looks much bigger than how she looked when she was young. Many people would not even be able to recognize her. Here’s everything to know about Rebekah Elmaloglou’s weight gain!

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Rebekah Elmaloglou’s Weight Gain: Teres Willis From Neighbours Gained 10 Kg After She Joined The Show!

Rebekah Elmaloglou (@relmaglou), the Terese Willis actress from Neighbours, underwent a dramatic weight gain of 10 kgs after she joined the show and her body has never looked back since then. She has never been able to shed the weight she gained and look the way she was before. She was very slender before. Now, it’s just history because it looks as though she has failed in her attempts to bounce back.

The Terese Willis actress from Neighbours had a significant weight gain after she joined the show. houseandwhips.comThe Terese Willis actress from Neighbours had a significant weight gain after she joined the show.
Image Source: Digital Spy

The Australian native does not appear to have gained weight recently but people are always going to take an interest in her physicality and weight because of how drastically she changed after she got bigger. Besides, Rebekah Elmaloglou has not gone back to the way she looked before but that does not mean her weight has stopped fluctuating. Her weight often changes not by much but it’s enough for people to keep tabs on her weight gain and weight loss.

If she had not taken up the role of Terese Willis in Neighbours, she might not have had such a drastic physical transformation because the dramatic weight gain that changed her completely to the point of being unrecognizable happened after she joined the show. In a 2017 interview with New Idea, she discussed at length her struggles with weight and her physicality.

Rebekah Elmaloglou admitted that she had gotten bigger than she was two days after giving birth after she put on 10 kg and went up three dress sizes. Though that may seem like a lot, she said that she’s a ‘five-foot nothing so even if she put on an extra kilo or two, it makes a big difference.’ Also, on television, it makes people look about 10 kg heavier than they are, so when she actually piled on 10 kg, it made her look worse than it was. Maybe the weight gain was not that drastic, it just looked that way. Either way, she said that it was the biggest she had ever been.

The beloved Terese Willis from the hit show Neighbours also revealed how she came to be the biggest that she had ever been, how she came to tip the scales at 68 kilos and wear a size 14 when she was nowhere closer to that when she was young and extremely fit and slender. She credited her weight gain to menopause and her move from Sydney to Melbourne.

How Did Terese Willis From Neighbours Have Weight Gain?

Terese from Neighbours credits her weight gain to menopause and motherhood. houseandwhips.comTerese from Neighbours credits her weight gain to menopause and motherhood.
Image Source: Yahoo Life UK

Rebekah Elmaloglou also recognized that not being able to find time for herself after she gave birth to her child changed her. Motherhood made it hard for her to achieve a work/life balance. Add to it that her husband is a former chef and they are a pair of ‘big foodies who eat extremely well and enjoy a glass of wine.’ Terese Willis from Neighbours never even knew when she had weight gain and when she changed so drastically despite leading a healthy lifestyle because she was so busy with her life and work and children.

I honestly think things have changed dramatically in that respect, going into my 40s. I do lead a healthy lifestyle in many ways, but there’s so much running around, not having a routine, not looking after myself properly. I take my hat off to women who have more than one child and work full-time. I just don’t know how they do it. I’m like a woman I caught on TV the other day, who saw herself in the mirror and thought she looked fine — until she saw the family photographs. Oh my God, that’s me.

However, the Neighbours star does not have an issue with the way she looks. The Terese Willis actress has never come under any pressure to slim from producers but because she was definitely over the healthy weight range for her height, so she said that she wanted to do something about her weight gain. Something to reverse it and get slender and fit as she was before.

I’m not massively overweight, just enough to make a difference to my general fitness and energy levels. That’s the struggle, and I think a lot of women can relate to that.

Rebekah Elmaloglou joined a gym to keep the weight off but so far, she has not been able to get the slim physique she had when she was young. Maybe she won’t really bounce back because of her age and a lots of other factors but as long as she is healthy, it’s fine.