Asa Butterfield Weight Gain: He Isn’t As Skinny As Before!

Derick Scholz

Asa Butterfield has undergone a bit of a weight gain.

Asa Butterfield’s fans have observed that he has had a weight gain since the last season of Sex Education. The actor’s weight used to be much discussed because of how skinny he was. While some thought he was naturally slender and looked healthy, many others thought he needed to gain weight. Well, now maybe Asa Butterfield’s weight gain has shut them up. 

Asa Butterfield has been acting for a long time (he started his career as a child actor) and has done a lot of notable movies but never had he reached such popularity and never had he become such a well-known face as he did in 2019 when he did Sex Education. He first gained recognition in 2008 when he played the lead role in the historical drama film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

He went on to headline more important movies such as the adventure drama Hugo in 2011, the war science fiction film Ender’s Game in 2013, the drama X+Y in 2014, and the fantasy Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children in 2016, and receive appreciation and critical acclaim for his talent. Asa Butterfield has been nominated for three British Independent Film Awards, two Critics’ Choice Awards, two Saturn Awards, and three Young Artist Awards. He was undeniably a terrific actor but just an actor nonetheless.

He was just an actor before but after he took up the lead role of Otis Milburn in the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education, he became a star. And now that the fourth and final season of the series is set to drop, his star is yet again on the rise and so is the curiosity regarding his weight gain. He used to be extremely skinny and many were concerned for him because he looked unhealthy but not anymore. Let’s discuss Asa Butterfield’s weight gain!

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Asa Butterfield’s Weight Gain: Fans Thought He Needed to Gain Weight Because He Was Very Skinny!

Asa Butterfield (@asabopp) has undergone weight gain and the Sex Education viewers are having a field day about it on the internet.

Asa Butterfield has had a bit of weight gain. houseandwhips.comAsa Butterfield has had a bit of weight gain.
Image Source: The Times

So, the fourth and final season of the comedy-drama series Sex Education is set to drop on Netflix anytime soon and fans could not be more excited about it. They cannot wait to see how the drama unfolds after how the series was sort of left on a cliffhanger in the last season. And they cannot wait to see the familiar cast members yet again portraying their favorite characters.

Speaking of the cast members of Sex Education, Asa Butterfield, the actor who portrays the lead role of Otis Milburn in the show, has had a weight gain since the last season. Now that the viewers of the show have come to observe it, they have taken to social media to discuss the change and speculate what brought it because they have scoured every corner of the internet to find out if there’s anything about that but so far, they have found nothing.

Anyway, there’s not much to know about his weight gain except that he gained weight but fans were bound to be curious as to how he put on weight because he always used to be so slender. He used to be so skinny that his weight was always one of the most-talked things about him even before the fluctuation in his weight. People used to be worried about him because, to them, he looked alarmingly thin. They were concerned that he was unhealthy.

Asa Butterfield Said Weight Gain Was Difficult For Him!

A lot of people were always like, Asa Butterfield needs to gain a little bit of weight on him to look right and healthy because being skinny made him look malnourished, just ‘skin and bone’. Even though many followers thought of him that way, turns out he was not actually unhealthy, he was just naturally that slender and perfectly fine that way and didn’t really need to have a weight gain. He just wasn’t very athletic so that skinny didn’t suit him.

Asa Butterfield said that he struggled to gain weight until he turned 24. houseandwhips.comAsa Butterfield said that he struggled to gain weight until he turned 24.
Image Source: CBS News

Also, the actor couldn’t do much about his weight even if he wanted to because as he revealed, he always struggled with gaining weight. So, it’s natural for fans to be curious about how he looked so skinny and to be concerned for his health but what they should not have done is say things that he could have a bit of weight gain because he was very aware of how thin he was but since he naturally like that and he did not have the kind of body that puts on weight easily, he could not do anything about it. Asa Butterfield only started gaining weight when he turned 24 and about that, he tweeted,

After 24 yrs of struggling to gain weight I am now getting bigger and I couldn’t be happier.

But now, it seems to have changed as he has finally had a bit of weight gain and the Sex Education viewers are happy to see a bit of weight in him that has made him look much healthier than before. They want to know how he managed to gain weight but he has not revealed anything about his minor but noticeable transformation. All we can tell is that Asa Butterfield started to get bigger in the pandemic during the second lockdown.