Where is Roadhouse Romance Filming Location?


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Roadhouse Romance Filming Location

Grab all the filming locations of the 2021 TV Movie Roadhouse Romance. 

Those who have watched the Hallmark Channel movie Roadhouse Romance might have surely enjoyed the one of the kind drama and romance. Paul Ziller directed and Sally Robinson written movie Roadhouse received quite good feedback from the critics.

This is why a majority of followers seems to be curious to find about the filming location of the 2021 TV Movie Roadhouse Romance which answers we’ve described below,

Roadhouse Romance Filmed in Canada

Talking about the TV movie, Roadhouse was filmed in the Canadian region as exclusively shared by Tyler Hynes and Lauren Alaina. The movie was shot in a fictional town outside Nashville and not in Tennessee.

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Though the movie revolves around the story of Lieutenant Callie Jackson who arrived starred by Alaina who shared few words about Roadhouse Romance filming,

“I loved it,” she said about filming the movie. “Obviously came to Canada to shoot it. It’s kind of funny to me to shoot a movie in ‘Tennessee’ in Vancouver. But it was a great experience; I loved it. I love acting, actually! … It was a lot of work in a short amount of time, but I’m excited.”

So yeah the movie was shot in Canada, Nashville. We hope you enjoyed the facts and learned the filming location of the beautiful TV Movie Roadhouse Romance.

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