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Vacation Hosue Filming location – Since a lot of HGTV fans seem to be curious to know about the filming location of the Vacation House, ahead we present you with all the details. 

There’s nothing more fun than the lay back off, close the light and watch a chill show, to shape up our hectic mood. And in a similar way, HGTV’s Vacation House is undeniably one of them. 

If you have already become a fan of Vacation House and are up for another season then you prolly be aware and excited as the new season is about to kick off on Saturday, June 5th on HGTV from 7 pm ET. But here we’ll not be discussing the release date as well the next season of the show, but looking forward to the shooting location of Vacation Hosue. 

Where was Vacation House Rules Filmed?

Vacation House was filmed in Ontario Canada. The reason why it makes it more obvious is that the applicants must be located in Ontario, Canada which makes it sure that it was shot in Canada.

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And as per reports from The Cinemaholic, the Vacation House Rules filming location included Muskoka, Haliburton, and Wasaga Beach. So these are the places where the Vacation House Rules are filmed.

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