Alexandra Breckenridge Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight?


Alexandra Breckenridge does not appear to have had a weight gain.

Alexandra Breckenridge’s fans want to know what’s up with the buzz about her weight gain on social media after the release of Virgin River Season 5 on Netflix. But as it turns out, it is nothing and such discussions about her weight are very common because people seem to be obsessed with her weight as she is not traditionally thin. Alexandra Breckenridge does not seem to have had weight gain recently.

Alexandra Breckenridge entered the acting industry by doing supporting roles in the teen comedy films Big Fat Liar and She’s the Man. She gained a lot of appreciation for playing an iconic mean girl to Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man as she did for playing the role of reporter Willa McPherson in the FX series Dirt and for a supporting role in the short-lived series The Ex List.

She also portrayed young Moira O’Hara in the first season of FX’s American Horror Story and Kaylee in the third season. She starred as Jessie Anderson in the AMC series The Walking Dead and Sophie in the NBC series This is Us. Alexandra Breckenridge has also voiced various characters in the animated comedy series Family Guy. One of the most notable roles she played is of Melinda ‘Mel’ Monroe in the Netflix series Virgin River.

Virgin River is back on Netflix with its fifth season and the arrival of the show on the streaming platform has put the spotlight on Alexandra which means as usual, the speculations about her weight gain have started. Once again, the discussion on social media is mostly centered around her weight even though she does not appear to have really gained weight. Here’s everything to know about Alexandra Breckenridge’s weight gain!

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Alexandra Breckenridge’s Weight Gain: What’s Up With the Fluctuation in Her Weight?

Alexandra Breckenridge's weight gain speculations have started following the release of Virgin River Season 5. houseandwhips.comAlexandra Breckenridge’s weight gain speculations have started following the release of Virgin River Season 5.
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Alexandra Breckenridge (@alexandrabreck) is once again, for the umpteenth time, the subject of weight gain speculations. She has not really changed in terms of weight but fans want to talk about her weight only. It would seem that they are obsessed with the size of her.

Season 5 of Virgin River is out. Alexandra and Martin Henderson have returned to their roles of Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan respectively. For the former, it means the attention she has received from being in the spotlight is going to result in weight gain speculations about herself because that’s what happens every time she is in the limelight. People begin discussing her weight even when she looks the same as before.

Alexandra Breckenridge has never been an overweight person that would spark speculations as to how she gained weight in the first place but because she’s never been a traditionally thin and skinny woman as most women in Hollywood are, people seemed to be obsessed with her weight which puts her at neither fat nor Hollywood thin category. Even though she’s not much fluctuated in terms of weight, there always arise weight gain speculations about her.

The discussion regarding her gaining weight has increased especially in the last few years because compared to before, she does not look as skinny as before. She does not really look fat but you can notice the subtle differences from giving birth to two children and maybe her age (??). Anyway, the point is that she has only changed minimally in terms of her size (the change is as good as negligible because it happened over like a long period of time) but people are always making speculations about her weight gain.

Alexandra Breckenridge Has Not Really Had a Weight Gain!

Alexandra Breckenridge does not appear to have really gained weight. houseandwhips.comAlexandra Breckenridge does not appear to have really gained weight.
Image Source: Us Weekly

It was especially at an all-time high when Alexandra Breckenridge‘s character Mel was pregnant in the show. Her clothes appeared looser, making her look bigger and even though people were already aware that the character dressed up in the show because of the pregnancy, they couldn’t help but wonder if Breckenridge was pregnant too because she is apparently always having weight gain.

However, she had not gained weight then and she has not gained weight recently. Sure, she does not look as thin as she did when she was younger but that does not mean that her weight gain (which can probably be attributed to aging and real-life pregnancy) is drastic and worthy of discussion. There’s literally nothing there to talk about so, her fans may as well leave her and her weight alone.

It just makes Alexandra Breckenridge more conscious that she’s not skinny as women in Hollywood are expected to be. In an interview, when she was asked if she ever feels the presence to look a certain way being an actress on one of television’s biggest shows, she said,

As an actress in general, I’ve always felt pressure to look thin particularly. I realize that women reading this may say, “But she is thin!” And I don’t disagree—I think I’m a great weight. I feel healthy, but the saying that the camera adds 10 pounds is unfortunately very true in my experience. I’ve also noticed I get hired more often when I’m a particular weight, which I don’t agree with, but I also don’t think my opinions are going to change the industry. Even if more full-figured women are hired over your traditionally thin actresses, it’s still a competitive profession and women will always want to look their best naturally.