Logic Weight Gain: Did He Get Fat in 2023?


Logic has sparked weight gain speculations with his recent selfie. houseandwhips.com

Logic has sparked weight gain speculations with his recent selfie on Instagram where he looked a bit chubbier and rounder than usual. The rapper’s followers flooded his comment section with questions such as ‘is he fat now,’ did he get fat in 2023?’ As it turned out, Logic has not really had a weight gain and he only looked heftier in the selfie because he had used some sort of aging filter in the picture.

Logic rose to mainstream prominence in 2017 when his third album Everybody charted at number one in the United States. The two albums he released before – Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story – both peaked within the top five on the U.S. Billboard 200 but Everybody was his breakout music. He has gone on to release five studio albums since then, all of which have performed well and received critical acclaim.

Anyway, he is a great rapper and all but let’s talk about what’s going on with him these days. Did he really get fat in 2023? After that selfie, everyone seems to think that he had had a weight gain but just days ago, he seemed to be his usual self. Let’s find out about Logic’s weight gain!

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Logic’s Weight Gain: Fans Think He Is Fat Now!

Has Logic (@logic) had a weight gain recently? Did he get fat in 2023? These questions flooded the rapper’s comment section after he recently posted a selfie on Instagram because he looked different in that pic and by different, I mean, bigger and rounder than what his fans were used to.

Logic's fans want to know if he has had a weight gain recently.
houseandwhips.comLogic’s fans want to know if he has had a weight gain recently.
Image Source: Pitchfork

The American record producer is known to keep his fans entertained with his various stupid and hilarious antics on social media. He does often make waves on the internet with his tricks and pranks. With his most recent one, he seems to have gone a little harder because he’s everywhere and all you see on the internet. The latest antic of his is a quirky selfie which has resulted in speculations about weight gain.

The joke (humor) of the antic that was the selfie was that Logic looked funnier in the selfies. Funny because he’s only 33 but in the pictures, it looked like he has aged to his fifties, and also with the aging, he appeared a bit heftier than usual. The only thing missing to make it a proper joke was a meme template and a comparison picture of his usual self. Anyway, the point is it was funny and people laughed at it at first for a while before they began to wonder about his weight gain.

The Buried Alive rapper did look chubbier and rounder, and noticeably and significantly so in the selfie which led to his followers asking questions like ‘did he get fat in 2023?’ Well, is he fat? Does that single picture prove that he has had weight gain? Sure, he appeared to be very round and full in the face compared to before but how fast could he have gained weight because he looked like his normal thin self just a few days before that?

Logic Has Not Had a Weight Gain!

The reaction to that selfie was wild. Many of Logic‘s followers responded in the way he had probably intended for them to when he posted that selfie where he was sporting a noticeably larger frame. Dressed in a white shirt with green stripes, he was posing and smiling at the camera while making a peace sign but he most likely intended to bring chaos with it, in a mischievous way, of course. “They say they want the Old Logic,” he had captioned the post but he never looked like that. So, weight gain rumors were bound to come at some point.

Logic has not really gotten fat in 2023, he only looks like that because of the filter. houseandwhips.comLogic has not really gotten fat in 2023, he only looks like that because of the filter.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

But at the beginning, there were more jokes and puns about his change. One follower commented that he went from logic to lethargic and another made a witty joke that read, “Went from no pressure to high blood pressure.” He was also compared to Bobby from the late ’90s cartoon sitcom King of the Hill. Later on, his weight gain speculations began to get more intense.

People wanted to know if he had really gotten fat in 2023 because that seemed impossible. As it turned out, he had not become fat. He just looked heftier than usual in the selfie because apparently, he had used some sort of aging or weight gain filter. Many users pointed out that the selfie had been digitally altered to make Logic look fatter and older.

Because there were a lot of people who doubted that there had been a use of a filter because the selfie looked very real and not as distorted as when they are digitally altered, later, as evidence that Logic had not really gotten fat, the original selfie was posted on several fan pages again. In the original selfie which he had uploaded previously on his Instagram, he was his usual self. He had neither aged nor gotten fat.

I think that’s enough evidence to tell that Logic has not really had a weight gain.