Lauren Pazienza Weight Gain: Did She Get Fat Due to Jail Food?


Lauren Pazienza has had a massive weight gain since she was detained in prison.

Lauren Pazienza surprised the public with her drastic weight gain that was revealed when she recently pleaded guilty to shoving 87-year-old Barbara Gustern to her death last year. She had turned herself in several weeks after Gustern died and since then, she had been held at Rikers Island. It has been more than a year since she went to prison. Lauren Pazienza seems to have had a dramatic weight gain in that time as was revealed in the recent court proceeding.

On March 15, 2022, an 87-year-old Broadway singing coach Barbara Gustern succumbed to the head injuries that she sustained after being forcefully shoved to the ground on West 23rd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood and died. Several weeks later, the NYPD who was investigating her case released footage of the attack which resulted in her death after which an event planner named Lauren Pazienza turned herself in. It was she who aggressively pushed the victim to the ground in the footage.

She was charged in the death of Gustern but she pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and assault charges. She was detained thereafter when her $500,000 bail was revoked by the judge after the prosecutor argued that she was a flight risk and a threat to others. She was sent to Rikers Island and she has been held there since then awaiting her trial. Lauren Pazienza recently came forward to plead guilty to the murder of Gustern. And while the public had a lot to discuss about the case, they couldn’t help but notice that she looked massive and that had undergone a substantial weight gain in the time she had spent in prison.

Not that people are being unserious and taking the case of an unfortunate and tragic death of an elderly woman lightly and ignoring the gravity of the situation by discussing her murderer’s weight, but because appearance is the first impression of a person and Lauren’s seems to have changed drastically, they can’t help but discuss her weight. Here’s what people have been saying about Lauren Pazienza’s weight gain!

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Lauren Pazienza’s Weight Gain: People Suspect Prison Food Has Caused Her to Gain Weight!

Lauren Pazienza's drastic weight gain has shocked many people. houseandwhips.comLauren Pazienza’s drastic weight gain has shocked many people.
Image Source: NY Post

Lauren Pazeinza has undergone a drastic weight gain that has got people discussing the reasons behind the change in her appearance. The majority of the public is of the opinion that she had put on so much weight because of prison food.

Anyway, long story short, Lauren Pazienza handed herself to the NYPD in the case of the murder of an elderly woman in March 2022. She pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter and tried to get bail for $500,000. But her bail was revoked and she was detained. She was held at Rikers Island since then. Now, she has come forward to change her plea. It was during that court proceeding when she pleaded guilty that her drastic weight gain was revealed.

After noticing how massive she looked compared to before, they couldn’t not talk about the dramatic change in her appearance. They were more shocked to see her substantial weight gain than they were about the fact that she pled guilty. Though, in all fairness, nobody was shocked about her change of plea. A lot of people were convinced that Lauren Pazienza was at fault for causing the death of Barbara Gustern because there was footage of it and prosecutors had made a very compelling case against her.

Anyway, not to undermine the seriousness and the gravity of the situation involving the tragic and unfortunate death of an elderly woman (people are truly devastated to hear how she died and are enraged with her murderer), but because appearance is the first thing you notice about a person and people place a lot of importance in how one looks, people can’t help but discuss Lauren Pazienza’s weight gain.

Many people commented on her weight on Reddit while discussing her recent change of plea,

I’m really trying not to body shame but what has she been eating! She looks double her old size.

They were more shocked about how massive weight gain and how drastic a change it happened in a short course of time

Just saying she looks larger than before and it’s a big change in a short time.

Did Lauren Pazienza Have Weight Gain Because of Jail Food?

A lot of Redditors speculated that Lauren Pazienza‘s dramatic weight gain is to be credited with her stay in prison and prison food. As one of them said, jail food is nothing but starch and heavy carbs, and they have sugary junk food in the canteen. Living on only that for more than a year may very well have caused Lauren to put on a lot of weight. She looks massive and there has to be some reason behind it.

Redditors speculate that Lauren Pazienza gained weight because of prison food. houseandwhips.comRedditors speculate that Lauren Pazienza gained weight because of prison food.
Image Source: Observer

There were a few among the crowd who believed that Lauren Pazienza’s weight gain might be a common side effect of antidepressants. They think that she may have been put on meds while incarcerated. Also, another line of thought goes that she gained weight as a defense mechanism. Apparently, women in prison tend to get as big as they can so nobody f*cks with them.

While some people began to speculate the reasons behind Lauren Pazienza’s weight gain, ignoring their feelings towards her, others did not take an emotionless route. They were not sympathetic to her (not that she deserves sympathy, she attacked an elderly woman unprovoked and caused her death) and they expressed their happiness that she gained weight and got that massive with her leg looking tree trunks and became exactly like the people she used to mock. One person commented,

Well her HS classmates said she was selfish nasty brat who mocked people with disabilities and fatness. Looks like Ms. Karma has arrived… old gal clearly likes the prison cuisine!!!

Another wrote,

Apparently Lauren used to love to body shame people so while I normally wouldn’t condone it, well, I frankly don’t care if people scrutinize her appearance. She’s vile.