Amber Rachdi Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?


Amber Rachdi had a weight loss of 337 pounds while she was on My 600-lb Life.

Amber Rachdi pulled off one of the most impressive weight loss transformations in the history of My 600-lb Life. She weighed 657 lbs when she started the show and had lost 337 lbs by the time she left the show. She seems to have gotten even slimmer since then but she has not revealed the exact figures. Now, Amber Rachdi is a weight loss influencer and body positivity advocate.

Amber Rachdi, the star of My 600-lb Life, really shined after their impressive weight loss transformation. They really went through h*ll of a transformation as they went from weighing 657 pounds when they were 23 to weighing 327 pounds after a gastric bypass surgery. They turned their life around after they lost weight. Let’s discuss Amber Rachdi’s weight loss journey! Check out her before and after pictures as well!

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Amber Rachdi’s Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did She Lose? Check Her Before and After Pictures!

Amber Rachdi had a stunning weight loss transformation of about 337 pounds on My 600-lb Life. houseandwhips.comAmber Rachdi had a stunning weight loss transformation of about 337 pounds on My 600-lb Life.
Image Source: The Mirror

Amber Rachdi (@amberrachdi) underwent a massive weight loss of 337 pounds with the help of Dr. Younan Nowrazadan from My 600-lb Life. They were 657 pounds when she started the show.

Amber Rachdi did not have a simple life. They suffered from severe anxiety which was the root of the many problems in her physical as well as mental health. To deal with their anxiety, they used food as a coping mechanism which ultimately led to food addiction which eventually contributed massively to their weight. Now, they had not just their anxiety to deal with but they had to struggle with their weight as well. They didn’t know how to get started for their weight loss.

They were overweight since childhood. They did not know any other way to be because their weight issues and food addiction started very early in their childhood when they were just 5 years old (they were 160 pounds at 5 years old) and as they grew up, it only got worse and worse. They couldn’t take control of their weight (could only imagine having weight loss) or deal with their food addiction. They could only feel a “combination of depression and sadness” in anticipation prior to a meal.

As an adult, being overweight messed with Amber Rachdi’s self-esteem because they had to depend on their family and boyfriend to do day-to-day tasks as they were unable to do them on their own. They literally couldn’t survive on their own. Their body was not even capable of supporting their weight. They could not stand for more than 30 minutes at a time and they were often bound to a wheelchair or motorized scooter in order to get around. If they wanted to get her self-esteem back, then they needed to have a weight loss.

Amber Rachdi did not feel good that they had to live with their parents because they depended on them to survive. Also, they hated how their boyfriend Rowdy tried to be supportive of them but ended up enabling them through their grocery habits. They could not feel validated and beautiful in their relationship. They felt extreme guilt at the situation because they perceived themself as failing both their parents and their relationship. And they were worried about their health as well. They didn’t want to die at a young age so, they decided to take help for weight loss.

How Did Amber Rachdi Have a Weight Loss?

Amber Rachdi took the help of Dr. Now from My 600-lb Life to lose weight. houseandwhips.comAmber Rachdi took the help of Dr. Now from My 600-lb Life to lose weight.
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At 23, Amber Rachdi weighed 657 pounds. They needed professional help, so off they went to Dr. Younan Nowrazadan of My 600-lb Life. Meeting him to determine their eligibility for gastric bypass surgery was the first step they took in the direction of their transformation. To meet the eligibility for their weight loss surgery, taking the advice of Dr. Now seriously, they changed their eating habits.

She lost 17 pounds after which they qualified for gastric bypass surgery. So, they headed 2,000 miles away from home to have a weight loss surgery and then begin a new life of health and independence. They finally got what they wanted after they lost 337 pounds following the surgery. They did not just lose weight but they also overcame their anxiety issues. Having the surgery improved not just their physical health but also enhanced their mental health.

Now, Amber Rachdi has moved out of their parent’s home to live alone by themself. They can walk farther distances, they are not wheelchair-bound, and they can do their daily tasks by themself. They don’t have to depend on others for that. They also have begun working with a therapist to identify triggers and explore different coping methods for her anxiety. Their life has changed for the better after weight loss.

They are still on their journey to be better and healthier and fitter. Today, they are a vocal advocate for body positivity and mental health. Amber Rachdi is a weight loss influencer who shares videos of their gym workouts and the occasional photo of their edible garden to motivate people. We don’t know exactly how much they lost after the show because they said they cannot reveal the number due to contractual obligations but if you see them, you will know it’s a lot.