Angel Strawbridge’s Weight Loss: Did She Receive Surgery? How Did She Lose Weight?


Angel Strawbridge’s Weight Loss: Did She Receive Surgery? How Did She Lose Weight?

Angel Strawbridge aka Angel Adoree has now approximately shed 33 pounds since beginning her weight loss journey. The 45-year-old television personality simply followed a strict diet and exercise regimen for her transformation rather than undergoing surgery.

Angel Strawbridge aka Angle Adoree is the owner, author, and founder of The Vintage Patisserie who first appeared on BBC Two‘s Dragons’ Den before becoming a household figure on Escape to the Chateau with her husband, D*ck Strawbridge. The 45-year-old television personality and her husband later became well known after the couple purchased the Chateau de la Motte Husson, a 19th-century historic mansion.

Angel Strawbridge has recently made headlines among fans and well-wishers for her remarkable weight loss. It’s worth noting that the social media celebrity never had a thin physique, to begin with, but she seem to work hard and lost a significant amount of weight. But how did Strawbridge pull off such a flawless transformation? Did she undergo any weight loss surgery? Let’s find out.

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Angel Strawbridge Underwent 33 Pounds of Weight Loss Simply by Adhering to a Strict Diet and Exercise Regimen!

Angel Strawbridge is now the perfect illustration of breaking bad habits. Losing weight quickly is not an easy task. In order to achieve one’s fitness goals, one must change their habits. And because of her significant change in looks, her weight loss journey has astounded all of her fans worldwide.

Angel Strawbridge has shed approximately 33 pounds since beginning her weight loss journey without receiving any surgery. As her weight loss progressed, the prominent entrepreneur made a point of tracking everything she ate, from breakfast to snacks to dinner. And after finishing the eighth season of the TV series Escape to the Chateau, she decided to abandon the project to start on a new journey, and she pondered increasing her fitness to get in better shape during that period. She meticulously designed her training regimen and faithfully followed each step to reach her objectives.

Angel Strawbridge before and after weight loss.Angel Strawbridge before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Vordor Magazine

The founder of The Vintage Patisserie’s physical transformation began with a notion when she became overly concerned about her weight. Her intense worry about her physical appearance drove her to adhere to a rigid diet plan. She merely wanted to be tiny and skinny at first. But she soon knew it was more than that. She enlisted the help of professionals such as nutritionists and fitness experts to create a healthy weight-loss program as needed.

Angel Strawbridge’s major weight loss necessitates consistency and effort. She worked carefully by engaging instructors to assist her on her weight loss journey. Furthermore, her husband also encouraged her and was an active participant in her yoga courses. And based on her professional history, she was a driven individual so we may infer that she created a routine that fitted her attitude to fitness. Likely, she kept a careful eye on her daily calorie intake and attempted to avoid food temptations as much as possible.

Dieting’s 80/20 rule was one of the most important factors in Strawbridge’s weight loss metamorphosis. She used this strategy in conjunction with an aggressive fitness plan to achieve the most pleasant and healthy weight loss. The 80/20 diet plan requires you to eat healthy 80 percent of the time and indulge in your favorite foods in moderation the other 20 percent of the time.

Angel Strawbridge cut off sugar from her diet and avoided all manufactured and junk foods. She substituted home-cooked healthful foods and chose a bowl of salad as her main meal. In addition to salad, she drank freshly squeezed fruit juices every day and occasionally ate fish or chicken.

Angel Strawbridge had an active lifestyle and worked out on a daily basis, in addition to eating a good and nutritious diet. She took care of her physical condition and made sure to attend workout sessions on a regular basis, despite her hectic schedule between her estate management career and family.

Angel Strawbridge's latest appearance with her husband, D*ck Strawbridge.Angel Strawbridge’s latest appearance with her husband, D*ck Strawbridge.
Image Source: The West Australian

The 45-year-old television personality worked out 5 to 6 days a week and preferred long-distance training. Though aerobic and muscle training were the majority of her workouts, she also enjoyed cycling and swimming on occasion.

Angel Strawbridge has set a fantastic example for individuals who struggle to lose weight by keeping their bodies in shape and their health in check. Her weight loss transformation is an inspiration to most of us, demonstrating that anyone can reach their dream physique with persistent workouts and a healthy and easy diet.

It’s also worth noting that Angel Strawbridge was under no pressure to modify her physique or look; she did it all for herself, to better the quality of her life, and, most importantly, to appreciate her accomplishments and self-identity.