Anne Diamond’s Weight Loss: She’s Down to a Size She Wants!


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Anne Diamond became slimmer and healthier than ever after she got weight loss surgery.

Anne Diamond could never maintain her weight loss because she always fell into a pattern of comfort eating after losing weight. When she thought that her weight was affecting her health, the journalist decided to get weight loss surgery. Ever since she had the gastric band, Anne Diamond has become much slimmer and healthier.

Anne Diamond has worked as a journalist and broadcaster for over 30 years. She has been on our screens as far as we can remember and in that time, we have learned of the biggest struggle of her life. It’s no secret – the struggle Anne had with her weight – and it’s no secret what lengths she has gone to lose weight and get down to the size that she wants to be. Her weight always fluctuated, putting her in unease and discomfort. Now, she has successfully been able to stabilize her weight. Let’s learn about her weight loss story!

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Anne Diamond’s Weight Loss Journey: The Story of Her Struggle With Her Weight!

Anne Diamond has spent over three decades working in the media industry and in those three decades, we have seen just how much her weight fluctuated. She would never remain the size for more than a year or two. She would always gain or lose but it would not be like a small change. She would gain or lose significantly and often yo-yo between the opposite spectrums of weight. She would either be massive or tiny. She just couldn’t maintain her weight loss which frustrated her.

Anne Diamond had once admitted that she was an emotional eater and her weight was the one part of her life she hadn’t got a handle on. She seemed to think that it was her way of dealing with stress (it has to come out somewhere) and she had been through a lot so, she comfort ate. We could tell that she comfort ate in the late 1990s when she ballooned from a size eight to a size twenty after she was hit by a series of personal tragedies. It must have been because of stress that she gained so much. After several years of bingeing, she underwent weight loss.

Anne Diamond could never maintain her weight loss which frustrated her. Anne Diamond could never maintain her weight loss which frustrated her.
Image Source: The Mirror

In 1999, the journalist lost four stones and launched The Diamond Plan exercise video. Many people thought that her weight problems were solved then after she managed to pull off such weight loss and revert to her former self after she ballooned up to size 20. However, people were wrong about that. Because just three years later, it was revealed that Anne was back up to a size 18 when she made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. She couldn’t maintain her weight. She had gained again.

The cycle of weight gain and weight loss continued for a while. In 2004, Anne Diamond lost weight again and this time, she published an eating plan called A New You alongside an exercise DVD. And to nobody’s surprise, the pounds crept back on. She tipped the scales at 15 stone in 2006. Because none of what she did (exercise and eating plan) worked out for her for more than two years, she joined ITV’s Celebrity Fit Club where she and several other public figures were supposed to complete a series of physical challenges so as to lose weight.

Anne Diamond did slim down momentarily but the results were not coming at the pace she wanted and it didn’t look like it would work for the long term after which she quit the show. She had to because it was revealed that she had been fitted with a gastric band and that would be cheating. Yeah, she underwent a weight loss surgery and still was struggling to lose as much weight as she would have liked.

Anne Diamond got weight loss surgery after she thought she would never be able to fight her weight issues. houseandwhips.comAnne Diamond got weight loss surgery after she thought she would never be able to fight her weight issues.
Image Source: The Guardian

Explaining her decision to have the surgery, the British native said that she got a lap band operation because everything looked very bleak and she thought that she would never be able to fight her way through her weight problem. She said that she would never have gone ahead with the weight loss surgery if she had not been desperate. She had done everything she could to battle her weight but it wouldn’t shift.

How Did Anne Diamond Feel After Weight Loss Surgery?

Anne Diamond would lose weight only to gain back again. She said that the danger of yo-yoing again was very real and she felt the need to do something desperate and drastic. She had tried many times to lose weight but failed every single time. And she had gotten to the point where she was going to get unhealthy if she didn’t do something. So, she decided to get weight loss surgery. She went to Belgium to have a gastric band but they didn’t fit right. Because she was determined to do anything to lose weight at any cost, so she got a gastric band fitted in the UK.

Anne Diamond admitted that she would have been the size of a house if it wasn't for gastric band surgery. houseandwhips.comAnne Diamond admitted that she would have been the size of a house if it wasn’t for gastric band surgery.
Image Source: The US Sun

After the weight loss surgery, though the results were not instantaneous, it worked in the long term. Anne Diamond said that the success of the surgery made her feel brilliant. In 2017, she admitted that being slim and fitter and working out made her feel younger, more confident, and a lot more lively. Even though being slim isn’t everything and losing weight doesn’t automatically solve all your problems, she said that it helped enormously to know that she was healthier.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with the weight loss surgery. Anne Diamond has admitted that the surgery’s helped hugely and she would have been the size of a house without it but she has also been candid about some major downsides. Speaking about it, she detailed how the gastric band wrecked her “relationship” with food and said that she had now begun to graze on food “all blinking day” without really tasting it. As she put it, she had lost her love of food completely.

Now, Anne Diamond warns people to think very carefully before going down the weight loss surgery route.

I would never argue against surgery, but I’m just saying there are pitfalls in it that you don’t even think about and I don’t love food any more.