Annie January Before and After Plastic Surgery; Reddit on Erin Moriarty’s New Face!


Annie January from The Boys has had tons of plastic surgery. – Erin Moriarty, the actress who plays Annie January aka Starlight, has created a big ruckus on social media, especially Reddit with her plastic surgery. She has gone from being a round-faced girl next door to looking like a glam doll with sunken cheeks and a sharp jawline. Erin Moriarty is said to have had eyelid surgery, fillers, buccal fat removal, a nose job, and a facelift. Annie January looks nothing like she did in the previous season of The Boys which has set off plastic surgery speculations. Check out her before and after pictures.

When The Boys first premiered on Amazon Prime in 2019, everyone was so taken with it, especially with Annie January aka Starlight. Erin Moriarty portrayed the character brilliantly and everyone was on the same page about how there is no other person in the world who was suited to play Starlight like her. People fell in love with the actress and the character. They loved how innocent and sweet she looked. She had the girl-next-door appeal and it added to the character’s perfection.

Fast forward three seasons and how things have changed and not in a good way. Erin Moriarty seems to have decided to hop on the trend of plastic surgery at the cost of the girl-next-door look she had. Annie January aka Starlight has been glamorized. She now looks like the personification of all the unattainable standards of beauty and it’s really not that much of a good look on her because her face has lost the innocence and charm it had when it was natural. Everyone all over social media, especially Reddit is talking about it. Look at her before and after cosmetic surgery photos to see what people on the internet are on about!

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Annie January Before and After Plastic Surgery: Reddit Thinks Erin Moriarty Has Gone Overboard with Cosmetic Surgery!

Erin Moriarty (@erinelairmoriarty), the Annie January aka superhero Starlight actress from The Boys has created chaos on the internet with her plastic surgery. She has completely modified her face only to look like a knock-off of any Instagram influencer. The procedures she allegedly had –  eyelid surgery, a nose job, cheek fillers, buccal fat removal, and a facelift – were not an improvement on her looks.

Annie January's new face in the trailer of The Boys Season 4 has sparked plastic surgery speculations. houseandwhips.comAnnie January’s new face in the trailer of The Boys Season 4 has sparked plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: Marca

The release of the trailer of Season 4 of The Boys has got people witnessing the descent of a naturally cute round-faced girl to a manufactured angular glam doll. Everyone was excited for the upcoming season of the show but the trailer has diverted their interest in a whole new direction. To put it simply, Erin Moriarty has stolen all the limelight from the series with her plastic surgery face.

Annie January stood out in the trailer because of the striking change in her facial features. Starlight seemed so innocent in the earlier seasons but now, she looks like any other generic face that Instagram is swamped with. It’s unfortunate the change her face has gone through. It’s sad to see that Erin has ditched naturalness to match her face with the current trends. Now, she looks completely unrecognizable. It came as a shock to the viewers because too much plastic surgery has taken away the charm and her uniqueness. Her beauty is plastic now.

Just look at Erin Moriarty’s before and after cosmetic surgery photos to experience the shock first-hand. The change in her face will baffle you because it is most likely deliberate but not an improvement. How is a hard sunken face with enhanced definition better than a cute and full natural face? It’s not. But I guess, women have been brainwashed to believe that a model-like glam look is better than looking natural and The Boys’ Annie January has become a victim of it.

What Plastic Surgery Has The Annie January Actress Erin Moriarty Had?

Now, what cosmetic procedures are those exactly which has destroyed the girl-next-door appeal of Erin Moriarty and turned her into a plastic glam doll? Well, looking at her recent photos, she has a much more defined face with sharper bone structure. Especially look at her cheekbones which are much higher than they were and also, her sunken cheeks. She has definitely had a buccal fat removal and more likely than not, she has had fillers on her cheekbones as well. Her snatched look (her hollowed-out cheeks) is the first thing that you notice when Annie January aka Starlight comes on the screen. You can’t miss her plastic surgery.

Erin Moriarty supposedly had fillers, a nose job, buccal fat removal, and many other procedures. houseandwhips.comErin Moriarty supposedly had fillers, a nose job, buccal fat removal, and many other procedures.
Image Source: Deadline

Also, she may have had something done to her jaw as well. It looks much stronger than before. Her whole face has gotten much more definition after all the cosmetic surgery but it’s her jawline that you can’t miss at all. She looks kind of harsh just because of how hard her jaw looks. To speak of other notable differences, she has a narrower nose and hollowed-in upper eyelids. Her nose looks better aligned to her face and she no longer has the hooded eyes that she had before. Annie January has most likely had a nose job and eyelid surgery as well. You can’t deny that she had plastic surgery after seeing those changes.

Erin Moriarty is suspected of having a facelift as well because she looks snatched. But has she really had it and all the other cosmetic procedures or is it weight loss like some of her fans claim? I think it’s the former but Anthony Youn apparently does not. He is a certified plastic surgeon and FandomWire says that he does not believe that Moriarty has had any major surgeries. According to him, Erin has tweaked her nose a little and filled her cheeks and that’s all the plastic surgery she has had.

As for the other change that Annie January was revealed to have in the trailer of The Boys, it’s just weight loss and the magic of camera angles. I think that Youn might have lost a bit of credibility with this verdict of his because nobody’s buying that Erin Moriarty has not had cosmetic surgery. Just go on Reddit and see what people think. There are before and after plastic surgery pictures to look at.