KJ Smith Hasn’t Directly Denied Having Plastic Surgery on Face!


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KJ Smith allegedly had plastic surgery such as cheek fillers, a nose job, and a chin-shaving procedure. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – KJ Smith appears to have had tons of plastic surgery because she has gotten completely unrecognizable now. Just check her before and after pictures. She used to look so soft in the before pic whereas her face looks so harsh in the after pic. She has definitely had a nose job, cheek fillers, and a chin-shaving procedure. KJ Smith has not admitted to having plastic surgery but looking at her face and chin, I think we can tell that she has had it. 

KJ Smith (Full name: Khaneshia Smith) is a very entertaining actress who is most recognized for playing the role of Sasha Duncan in the BET drama series The Family Business. She is widely loved for her portrayal of Andrea “Andi” Barnes in the comedy-drama Sistas also. Having started her career in 2009 with small parts in television comedies and guest appearances, she has come a long way.

KJ Smith started to get mainstream in 2018 when she co-starred in the web drama series Giants produced by Issa Rae. Her guest appearances in NCIS: Los Angeles, The Fosters, Lethal Weapon, Fuller House, Family Reunion, All Rise, and BlackAF increased her exposure. She also did recurring roles on the Bounce TV sitcom Family Time and in a short-lived ABC legal drama The Fix. In 2019, she did a comedy film A Madea Family Funeral. The next year, she did a psychological thriller Fatal Affair for Netflix and also the lead role in the drama film The Available Wife. Anyway, let’s talk about her plastic surgery face because why not?

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KJ Smith’s Plastic Surgery Face: She Looks Very Harsh on the Eyes!

KJ Smith (@kjsmithofficial) has gotten completely unrecognizable now which is most likely a result of all the plastic surgery she has had. She looks like she has gotten cheek fillers, a nose job, and a chin-shaving procedure.

KJ Smith appears to have gotten a lot of plastic surgery on her face. houseandwhips.comKJ Smith appears to have gotten a lot of plastic surgery on her face.
Image Source: Essence

Do you think that the Sistas star looks natural because I don’t? She has changed a lot since her early days and not because of the age factor. Her face looks like it has been through many procedures that have hardened it. She looks very harsh and plastic and really, plastic surgery is most certainly the reason why. I mean, she now looks aesthetic and all and has the most perfect facial features but it looks so uncanny because it does not seem real.

KJ Smith was super pretty when she started her career but going by the looks of it, as her career got bigger over time, her self-esteem got smaller because the standards of beauty got to her because why else would she choose to go under the knife when she was already beautiful? What would want to make herself look like any other generic Instagram influencer if it was not because her idea of beauty was distorted by showbiz? I see no other reason why she would get plastic surgery because surely, with the way she looked, she can’t actually think that she needed to change her face to look completely unrecognizable in any way, right? As a follower put it,

She used to look normal and pretty, but has gone way, way overboard with surgery. She has some sort of dysmorphia and has deleted pretty much all traces of her original face as well as references to the different web series she had been on.

KJ Smith still looks stunning even after all the procedures she has had but she lost all the naturalness in a bid to get the perfect facial features and attain perfection in terms of beauty and you can always tell that. She looks like the standardization of all the current beauty trends and it’s very generic. She has lost the uniqueness of her face. Her fans are not fond of the fact that she felt like she needed to get plastic surgery. They wished she would have recognized her beauty.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Has KJ Smith Had?

KJ Smith seems to have had cheek fillers, a nose job, and a chin-shaving procedure. houseandwhips.comKJ Smith seems to have had cheek fillers, a nose job, and a chin-shaving procedure.
Image Source: Deadline

The Family Business actress would have looked much prettier with her old face. It’s unfortunate to see what she has put her cute face through. She didn’t need to have higher cheekbones with hollowed-out cheeks. Her plump cheeks were beautiful enough. She also didn’t need to get a slimmer nose because her nose was already perfect and harmonious with her facial features. Likewise, there was nothing wrong with her chin. She need not have narrowed it down. It never should have ended with KJ Smith losing to plastic surgery but it has.

The actress definitely got fillers on her cheeks, and did she also have a buccal fat removal procedure or she just lost weight and it made her cheeks look sunken? Whatever it is, the change in her face because of the difference in her cheeks is very prominent. Also, her nose was wider before compared to the small nose everyone in Hollywood has now so, I think you can tell that she has had a nose job. Similarly, look at her chin and tell me if does not look shaved. You could tell that she has lost weight but if it was weight loss and not chin-shaving, it would have made her chin more defined and not narrower. KJ Smith got tons of plastic surgery, didn’t she? A follower said,

She is starting to get that Naomi Campbell cat lady look. She needs to stop. She used to remind me of a young Elise Neal when she first started.

Even though it’s very obvious that she has had work done, she does not seem to want to admit to it because whenever the speculations about her cosmetic work rise, she hops on to Instagram to sort of promote naturalness by posting pictures without any filter. She has never directly responded to the plastic surgery speculations but she is always subtweeting her denial. KJ Smith seems to be the master of indirect denial but fans are not that gullible so, it has never worked for her.