KJ Smith Says You Don’t Need To Work Out For Weight Loss!


KJ Smith had a weight loss of 40 pounds and she has been the same since then. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – KJ Smith’s incredible slender physique always makes her fans wonder what her weight loss diet plan and workout routine is. The actress once mentioned she did yoga, meditation, and dance classes to keep fit and stay healthy. KJ Smith also explained that she was able to have a weight loss of 40 pounds and maintain it after the age of 30 by eating clean and walking on days when she can’t do her usual workout routine.

KJ Smith is mostly known as the actress who plays the role of Andrea “Andi” Barnes in the BET comedy-drama series Sistas opposite Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown, and Mignon Von. Even though she has been in plenty of television series, because it’s like a breakthrough role for her in terms of popularity on a mainstream level, she is mostly recognized by Sistas. That and the BET family drama series The Family Business in which she portrays the character of Sasha Duncan.

KJ Smith also generated a lot of buzz when she landed a recurring role in season two of STARZ’s Power prequel series Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Over the years, she has started to come into the spotlight not just because of her acting projects but because of her physique as well. She has garnered a large number of followers who are just admirers of her slender figure. They are the ones who are always asking her to spill her weight loss secrets. Let’s learn more about how Smith attained such a slim figure!

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KJ Smith’s Weight Loss Journey: How Did She Attain Such a Slender Physique?

KJ Smith‘s (@kjsmithofficial) weight loss journey could not have been more successful because she has come out of it having the most slender and enviable figure. She lost about 40 pounds and she has maintained her shape really well even above her 30s which is no small feat. How did she do it? If you suspect surgery, that’s not it. She has opened up about her diet and workout routine so, take a look.

KJ Smith has done a good job at maintaining her weight loss of 40 pounds. houseandwhips.comKJ Smith has done a good job at maintaining her weight loss of 40 pounds.
Image Source: BET

The Sistas star didn’t always have the same slim physique as she does now. If you look at her older pictures, you will notice that she used to look a bit chubby and full-figured. She was not fat in any way, mind you, but she didn’t have the model-like body she has now. She made an opportunity out of quarantine and embarked on a weight loss journey then. She lost about 40 pounds then and she has been the same since.

When everyone gushed about the dramatic physical transformation she underwent in 2020, KJ Smith shared that even though she didn’t gain the dreaded quarantine 15, she understood what’s it like for weight to fluctuate because her weight fluctuates every now and then. She also posted a before and after photo to show off the weight loss she had over the years and revealed that it was part of a lifestyle change she made for the sake of her health given her family history of food-related illnesses. As she put it,

I have a family who unfortunately suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension. I had to take a hard look at myself and ask ‘Is this what I want to be in 40 years or even right now?’ “No.” My ‘why’ is for my legacy, it’s for my future kids. I want to have a family, so I have to stay healthy for them. It starts to be about more than just yourself you know and that creates a strong why.

KJ Smith also shared what she did to take the path of health and how she lost weight and got fitter. She revealed that her go-to was yoga and meditation. As for her workout routine, she took Kukura fitness classes that taught African dances and helped her burn fast and finish soon. It worked out pretty well for her, didn’t it? She produced the best weight loss results with yoga, meditation, and African dance.

KJ Smith Spills Her Weight Loss Secrets!

KJ Smith said that she eats clean, drinks lots of water, and works out to stay fit. houseandwhips.comKJ Smith said that she eats clean, drinks lots of water, and works out to stay fit.
Image Source: BET

About six months ago, the actress once again opened up about her fitness and health journey at the request of her thousands of followers who want to attain the same slim physique as her. She made a post where she spilled all about how she was able to lose 40 pounds and keep it off and that too over the age of 30. However, don’t get too excited about it because KJ Smith revealed nothing groundbreaking about her weight loss. She only mentioned eating clean and drinking lots of water. She also said that a workout routine is not really essential to lose weight.

In her Instagram post, she wrote,

Step 1: I do not work out when I am stressed or overwhelmed. 
On the days I cannot workout, I make sure to focus on eating clean instead. You do not need to workout to lose weight. Specifically black women with intangible stressors we face everyday. It’s better to find pockets of peace instead of rushing to a group fitness class. The thought of working out causes more stress. Working a workout into my busy schedule, more stress. Then the workout stresses the body. Your body will retain the fat and it becomes a wasted workout anyway. So just don’t even do it. Especially if it’s a new habit.

After saying that people need not work out to lose weight, KJ Smith went on to share that she was not naturally thin and nobody in her family was anything but heavy-set barring a few exceptions. She then revealed that she maintains herself by working out and that, on days when she has to miss her workout routine, she drinks lots of water and walks as much as possible.

As KJ Smith detailed her weight loss,

You must know, I am not naturally thin. Both of my parents and all of my lineage (with the exception of a few) are very heavy set/obese. You do not have to workout to lose weights. That’s not my opinion. That’s a fact. Science. Eating clean causes weight loss. Adding workouts can assist with weight loss. On none workout days, I drink a lot of water and try to walk as much as possible. For example, not taking the front parking spot at the Target. I also say “no” to the little lunch extras, like the chips that come with the sandwich etc. that can cut out 600 calories alone.

KJ Smith also mentions that she is not a doctor or a fitness professional. Take that as a disclaimer and go to a professional if you are starting a weight loss journey.