Ashley Parker’s Weight Gain: The Washington Post Reporter Is Reportedly Pregnant!


Ashley Parker’s Weight Gain: The Washington Post Reporter Is Reportedly Pregnant!

Ashley Parker has undergone a significant weight gain transformation and many people believe she is pregnant. However, the Washington Post reporter has yet not revealed anything regarding her big belly bump.

Ashley Parker is a well-known journalist and political reporter who has made significant contributions to the media industry through her work with The Washington Post and MSNBC Source, among others. Throughout her career, she has covered numerous significant events, including the 2016 presidential election and the Trump administration’s tenure.

Despite her professional accomplishments, her personal life has recently been the subject of rumors and speculation, including pregnancy rumors and weight gain. In this article, we’ll look into some of these rumors, talk about her career, and give you some insight into her personal life. Well, let’s get started.

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Ashley Parker’s Weight Gain: Pregnancy Might Be the Main Reason Behind the Washington Post Reporter’s Body Transformation!

Ashley Parker (@ashleyrparker) has recently been the subject of concern as she has undergone a significant amount of weight gain all over social media. Likely, her pregnancy is one of the most significant rumors that has been circulating after her recent overweight body transformation.

Ashley Parker after weight gain.

Ashley Parker after weight gain.
Source: Instagram

Her weight has never been an issue or a topic of discussion in the media before, and she is known for her diligence and dedication to her work. However, this time the rumor seems to be true, and there is evidence to back it up.

The 40-year-old journalist was recently seen with her belly bump appearance which directly indicated that she is pregnant. Likely, looking at her recently posted pictures on social media including her Instagram, we can clearly see that The Washington Post reporter is expecting a child with her husband, Michael Bender, who is also a Wall Street Journal Source journalist. While the journalist has not issued an official statement confirming or denying the pregnancy rumor, many websites have claimed that she is.

Ashley Parker's latest appearance with her co-workers at the party.

Ashley Parker’s latest appearance with her co-workers at the party.
Source: Instagram

That’s why, Ashley Parker has been relatively quiet on social media and other platforms in recent times. However, this does not imply that she has been inactive/unemployed or insecure about her appearance.

Ashley Parker’s work as a journalist is primarily focused on covering politics and other significant events. She may not have a large social media following, but she is always working behind the scenes to bring us the most recent news and updates, even if she is struggling with her weight gain appearance.

Ashley Parker’s Marriage to Husband!

Ashley Parker, MSNBC‘s senior political analyst, has been blessed in her marriage. She married her boyfriend-turned-husband, Michael Charles Bender (@michaelc.bender), a journalist who worked as a White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal. The couple met because of their shared profession as journalists. Back in 2015, they were both covering national politics. However, the pair remained friends and shared an undefined connection in the beginning.

The romance blossomed only two years later, in 2017, when the couple began dating. After knowing each other for over two years and having similar work schedules, the couple let their love grow until they took the next step in their relationship. After nearly a year of dating, Michael proposed to Ashley with an engagement ring and asked her to marry him at the end of 2017. Ashley said ‘yes’ to the proposal, and they were engaged by December 2017. Later, Ashley announced her engagement on Instagram, posting a photo with her man and showing off her engagement ring.

Following the continuation of Ashley and her then-romantic partner, the couple exchanged wedding vows almost seven months later. And on June 16, 2018, Ashley and her partner got married at their residence in Washington. Their guests, as well as Ashley’s stepdaughter, attended their wedding. Michale is the father of a daughter from a previous marriage that ended in divorce. And with their growing love and commitment to marriage, the couple started their own family. While the couple is raising Mike’s daughter together, they have added another bundle of joy after the birth of their first child.

At that time, Ashley proudly displayed her expanding baby bump while announcing her pregnancy on Instagram. Despite the fact that the Bethesda, Maryland, United States native did not make an official announcement of the baby’s arrival, she had a baby shower attended by her close friends.

In an Instagram post, she thanked her sister and friends for throwing her the shower and announcing her pregnancy. She shared a photo of herself with her growing baby bump and made it official with the caption. Ashley and her husband, Michael, welcomed their baby girl, Mazarine Elizabeth Bender, into the world in late 2018. And now she seems to be ready for another child.