Atom Eve Weight Gain: How Did The Invincible Superhero Get Fat?


Atom Eve had a weight gain and fans have several theories why.

Atom Eve from the comic and the animated superhero series Invincible underwent a weight gain which created a ruckus among the viewers. Fans theorize that she put on weight because she refrained from using her powers because of her pregnancy. People appreciate how Atom Eve is shown to have a weight gain in moments of adversity because it gives her a human touch.  

The Invincible fans got the sweetest surprise when ahead of the release of season 2 of the animated superhero series, Amazon Prime Video put out a special episode titled Invincible: Atom Eve. The special episode was a great treat to the fans as it delved into the origins of the superhero and fleshed out the character, helping the viewers understand the motivation and intent behind what she does.

Anyway, three episodes of the second installment are already out with the rest of the episodes to debut in early 2024 and more than anything else, a lot of viewers are waiting to see how Atom Eve‘s weight gain is depicted in the series. She put on weight in the comics and people were excited at the relatability of superheroes. They love to discuss the motivation behind showing the change in the character’s weight.

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Did Atom Eve Have a Weight Gain?

Atom Eve from the comic book series Invincible and the adult animated superhero series of the same name went through weight gain in issue 78 and more shocking things have happened in the comics but it garnered just as much interest.

Atom Eve had a weight gain and fans want to know why. houseandwhips.comAtom Eve had a weight gain and fans want to know why.
Image Source: NME

For one, a lot of readers were annoyed to see that the superhero was shown heavier, a little too annoyed for not much (a minor change in character design should not be that big of an issue), and started to call her ‘Fatom Eve.’ Very juvenile, I know but that’s not the only attention Eve’s weight gain received. Many fans were curious to know why she gained weight and what exactly the writers had intended by depicting the fluctuation in her weight.

The writer of the comics, Robert Kirkman has not spelled out why they chose to show that Atom Eve had gained weight and what was their motivation behind it because they could have not done that and it would not have affected the storyline even a bit. I mean, it’s a comic for God’s sake. But given the context of the storyline, fans have come up with their theories regarding her weight gain and since it’s left open for interpretation, I like to think every theory has some truth to it and has to be factored in to find the reason behind that particular change.

So, Atom Eve got fatter after Mark left to fight the Viltrumites, which was a battle she had to sit out because she was pregnant, and as it turned out, she could not use her powers during her pregnancy. Some say it was her refraining to use her powers but it was also because she did not have control over them. Anyway, the point is she was away from Mark for a long time fighting the space war while she was pregnant during which she underwent a weight gain.

Fan Theories About Atom Eve’s Weight Gain!

In that context, that of separation from her beloved and her pregnancy affecting her powers, fans have come up with two theories about Atom Eve‘s weight gain: the first and the simpler one being that the stress she was under while Mark was off fighting a very dangerous war caused her to put on weight, and the other one being that being unable to use her special powers which took a lot of energy led her to get fat.

Atom Eve gained weight because she was stressed and could not use her powers. houseandwhips.comAtom Eve gained weight because she was stressed and could not use her powers.
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Elaborating on the first theory, it’s not very unusual that weight fluctuates in moments of adversity as what we are dealing with on the inside sometimes reflects itself through the change in physique and Eve might have gone through this. I mean, as a superhero, Atom Eve is used to being in the thick of the battle, not sitting them out while her beau is off fighting. The separation from her loved one and the constant worries about him and not being able to fight alongside him might have led to her being very tense and depressed which led to her weight gain.

Also, she was pregnant and it’s not usually the time when women look super fit and toned. Not just that, according to the second theory, it’s not just the pregnancy, it’s also the fact that she was unable to use her powers during her pregnancy that might have resulted in Atom Eve’s weight gain.

When she learns that she is pregnant, she discovers that her powers are acting strange and she does not have much control over it, and that she has to refrain from using her special abilities. Also, there was some implication that using powers while pregnant might be fatal to the fetus. Anyway, there’s the subtext that it takes a lot of energy to use her powers and it burns a lot of calories. As such, it would make sense that Atom Eve would have weight gain if she took a break from using her powers because it would account for a lot of calories unused, which is exactly what she did.

It’s one or the other or both of these theories. Whatever the reason behind Atom Eve’s weight gain, some fans were happy to see that she was depicted to reflect what she was going through as it gave her character more depth and a human touch. It made her more relatable and fans loved that the creator wrote it that way.