The Curious Case of Austin Swift’s Weight Gain; What Happened to Him?


Austin Swift has undergone weight gain and fans want to know how he got fat.

Austin Swift has piqued everyone’s interest with his sudden and dramatic weight gain. When he recently attended his sister Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend’s game at MetLife Stadium, people were surprised to see how fat he had gotten. They are very curious to know what led to him putting on so much weight. But Austin Swift does not seem like the kind of guy who would talk about his weight gain publicly. 

Did you know that Austin Swift, Taylor Swift‘s little brother, is known not just for being the sibling of a pop star but also as an actor? Swifties probably recognize him from when he appeared in several of his sister’s music videos. He also produced some of them and he has also done the job of managing select elements of her music licensing for films.

But his pop star sister is not his sole credit to fame (being on the public radar?) which also goes to his low-key acting career. He has done several films and television shows including Live By Night, Embeds, Cover Versions, I.T., Still the King, We Summon the Darkness, and Braking for Whales. Right now, Austin Swift is trending on the internet not because of his acting nor because of his sister but because of his weight gain which has piqued Swiftie’s interest!

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Austin Swift’s Weight Gain: Fans Cannot Believe That He Has Gotten So Fat!

Austin Swift (@austinkingsleyswift) has undergone a dramatic weight gain which has made him look unrecognizable. His followers are still processing his drastic physical transformation. They are scouring the internet to learn more about the change but there seems nothing definitive.

Austin Swift after his weight gain. houseandwhips.comAustin Swift last month after his weight gain.
Image Source: People

Swifties, your minds must be reeling with Taylor Swift‘s new romance with Travis Kelce because just two months ago, he said that he was rejected by the pop star at one of her shows, and now they are rumored to be dating. She’s attending all of his games now. She recently went to cheer him at his game (Kansas City Chiefs against the New York Jets) at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey as well.

It was not just her, she was with her friends and brother. And by the way, did you notice her brother Austin Swift? He was with his girlfriend Sydney Ness. Are you having trouble placing him in the photos from the sporting event? He was the one sitting behind Blake Lively. He was the guy wearing a white patterned button-up shirt and glasses. A lot of people might not have been able to recognize him because he has had weight gain and looks like a completely different person but yeah, that’s him.

He has gotten very fat, right? I know. Maybe we would not have been hearing about Austin Swift much lately if he had not put on weight because it would just be Taylor Swift’s brother attending the game with her. That would be it but now that he has been revealed to have had weight gain, that has piqued people’s interest because just what happened for him to have gained so much weight?

Sure, Austin Swift was said to have been a fat kid who supposedly weighed about 250 pounds when he was a sophomore. But we never saw him like that. We only ever saw him when he was an adult and he looked not at all overweight. He was always fit when he was spotted a few times. But not anymore. He has been through a huge transformation and not a very flattering one. The weight gain has rendered him completely unrecognizable.

What’s The Reason Behind Austin Swift’s Weight Gain? How Did He Get So Fat?

Austin Swift has gotten very heavy and his face looks big too with his cheeks looking too puffy compared to before and his sagging jowls and double chin. His followers cannot get over how fat he has become. They cannot believe that he has had such a drastic weight gain. They just want to know just what happened for him to put on weight like that because surely if everything had been normal or status quo, he would not have changed like that.

Austin Swift has gotten fat and fans want to know what happened to him. houseandwhips.comAustin Swift has gotten fat and fans want to know what happened to him.
Image Source: People

Was the weight gain deliberate on his part? Of course, not, because why would anyone ever choose to look so out of shape and unfit? It is definitely not intentional but it might have happened because he let himself go. Maybe he used to work out and go to the gym and stuff like that to maintain fitness (it tracks with how he was said to be a fat kid but looked fit as an adult) and he stopped doing that, so he put on weight. Maybe he’s busy with something and is unable to manage time to do exercises.

Or is Austin Swift on some sort of medication because weight gain could be the side effect of the medication as well? Does he have some health issues that he needs drugs for? His followers hope that it’s nothing like that. And maybe it’s nothing like that because he was never known to have any kind of disease or condition that would require him to take medications. But then, he’s so private and reclusive that even if he was suffering from some kind of disease, he would not really share that with the public, would he?

So, we don’t really know the reason behind Austin Swift’s weight gain and maybe we won’t because he does not seem like the type who would go on to spill the deets of his private life. He probably thinks it’s none of our business which it is not but because he’s a public figure, we get curious. But we won’t be speculating anymore because we are at a dead end now.