Babe Paley Had to Get Plastic Surgery, Not Out of Choice!


Babe Paley got reconstructive plastic surgery following a car accident. – Babe Paley did undergo plastic surgery but it was not elective on her part. The socialite had to have reconstructive surgery following a car accident that left her with severe facial scarring and dental injuries. Babe Paley has been said to have gotten more beautiful after getting plastic surgery.

Babe Paley was one of the most glamorous and fashionable women that ever lived. She was an icon in every sense. Nobody imagined the height she would reach when she, along with her two sisters Minne and Betsey, was a popular debutante in her youth. Everyone thought that the trio dubbed “The Fabulous Cushing Sisters” were just pretty rich girls but one of those girls was not like the other as Babe, born Barbara Cushing, went on to make notable contributions to the field of magazine editing.

Babe Paley began her career in 1938 as a fashion editor at Vogue in New York City. Her job offered her access to designer clothing which was often obtained in exchange for her high-profile image. She made the best use of what she had at her disposal – her image and her access to designer clothing – and made an impact on the fashion industry with her distinctive fashion sense. She was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1958. Like I said, she was an icon. But was the icon all-natural or did she have plastic surgery? Let’s find out!

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Babe Paley’s Plastic Surgery: Was She All-Natural or What?

Babe Paley was not without plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comBabe Paley was not without plastic surgery.
Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Babe Paley‘s plastic surgery has been trending on Google searches following the premiere of the newest season of Ryan Murphy‘s anthology series Feud: Capote vs. The Swans which shines a light on the relationship of the New York socialite with Truman Capote.

To say that Babe Paley is the epitome of glamor would not be an exaggeration. She was truly an icon in every sense. She was very captivating and surreal. She was exquisitely beautiful and she is still remembered to date not just for her distinctive fashion sense but she has gone down in pop culture history as one of the most gorgeous women in the world. No wonder every time she comes up now, which is the plastic surgery era, people wonder if she was all-natural or if she has had help in the looks department. Such speculations should not be surprising in the case of someone who has been described as following by Billy Baldwin, the interior designer.

She might have been painted by Boldini, or Picasso in his Rose Period. So great is her beauty that no matter how often I see her, each time is the first time.

Babe Paley, who was considered a symbol of elegance and beauty, was not all-natural after all. She is not without plastic surgery. She did go under the knife but it was not out of her choice. She had to get reconstructive surgery following a horrible car accident that left her with several injuries. The procedures she underwent went were not for cosmetic purposes but for medical reasons. So, really, there’s no discussion to be had about how she altered her face to look more beautiful and appealing because what happened was that she only restored her beauty with surgery.

Why Did Babe Paley Get Plastic Surgery?

Babe Paley had to get reconstructive surgery following a car accident. houseandwhips.comBabe Paley had to get reconstructive surgery following a car accident.
Image Source: Town & Country Magazine

The story of Babe Paley’s plastic surgery starts like this: In 1934, the fashion editor got into a horrific car accident which she didn’t get out of fine. She was driving home from a society party on Long Island when it happened. She didn’t walk away unscathed. She was injured and most of the injuries were limited to her beautiful face. She was left with a mass of bruises, blemishes, and severe facial scarring and the force of the impact also knocked out her front teeth.

In order to fix herself and restore her beauty, Babe Paley had to get reconstructive surgery. She did get plastic surgery but not out of choice. If it had been her choice, I don’t think someone, who lives for fashion and beauty and would die with it, would ever use a chiffon handkerchief to cover the lower half of her face to hide the ghastly bruises. That’s not Paley’s style to be hidden. She was forced to do so because of the injuries she sustained in the accident.

However, it did not last for long, and pretty soon, she completely healed. And it shocked the world to find out that Babe Paley had gotten even more beautiful after the plastic surgery. They didn’t imagine that her fake teeth would make her smile even more alluring but it did. And then, it was like the accident never happened because nobody could ever tell that she had suffered damage to her face. Babe Paley went on to become a beauty icon but plastic surgery had nothing to do with that. Sure, it did bring her beauty back, “unblemished and perhaps even more heightened” but it was her beauty in the first place, nonetheless.