Why Did Carol Kirkwood Get Breast Reduction?

Derick Scholz

Carol Kirkwood seems to have gotten breast reduction. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Carol Kirkwood’s followers wonder if she has undergone a breast reduction procedure. The weather presenter used to have very huge breasts which, as many people used to point out, sometimes looked very saggy in ill-fitted bras. Now, her boobs look much smaller than before. Carol Kirkwood has not mentioned having a breast reduction but it sure looks like she had the plastic surgery.

Carol Kirkwood, a Scottish weather reporter who works for BBC, is a household name and face in the UK. She started her career as the BBC’s secretarial reserve in London. Following a series of internal moves, she got into presenting and began to cover presenting slots on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio 4. She left the BBC to work in recruitment but returned after some time in 1993 as a freelance presenter. Since then, she has always worked for BBC. She joined BBC News in April 1998 as a weather presenter after undergoing training under the supervision of the BBC at the Met Office.

Carol Kirkwood has since served as a weather reporter regularly across all of BBC Weather’s output on both television and radio. She has co-presented the BBC One series The Great British Weather, she has presented weather on BBC Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, and she has also hosted the BBC’s The Weather Show. She is a regular fixture on television of British people and her regular watchers have found that she may have undergone a breast reduction procedure. We will be talking about that today!

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Carol Kirkwood’s Breast Reduction: Did She Get Plastic Surgery on Her Boobs?

Carol Kirkwood may have undergone a breast reduction procedure from the looks of her boobs. They are not as huge as they used to be.

Carol Kirkwood is suspected of having a breast reduction procedure. houseandwhips.comCarol Kirkwood is suspected of having a breast reduction procedure.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

Carol is often hailed as the nation’s sweetheart in the UK. She is a very charming presenter and people like watching her every day on their screen but not for her weather reports. Not even her charm can make Britain’s weather seem interesting enough that everybody would tune in just for the sake of weather updates. What gets most of the people to watch the show is the fact that they like watching her because she looks good and has big boobs. Not that her boobs are all there is to her (people are still watching her even after possible breast reduction) but it’s true.

Carol Kirkwood is very well-endowed in the chest area and it’s not something that goes unnoticed. Because she does not have much of a dress or styling sense and she finds it difficult to manage her wardrobe on a ‘civil service salary’, she often wears clothes that are too unfitting and unflattering for her huge bosom which draws everyone’s eyes to her chest. People are often commenting on it. Those people, who are used to seeing her on television, are nowadays thinking that she may have had a breast reduction because she does not look as heavy-breasted as she used to.

All was not well for Carol Kirkwood just because of her huge boobs. In fact, the opposite. While most people do appreciate great bosom, if not covered in proper fits, it can look unflattering and Carol sucks at managing her wardrobe with her ‘civil service salary‘. So, she would often be on the receiving end of comments that pointed out her big boobs (as if it needed pointing out) which might have pushed her to get breast reduction.

I do prefer to see natural boobs than a pair of false implanted ones, but Carol is one step too far! Her boobs this morning on BBC Breakfast were almost touching the top of her skirt and I was reminded of Miss Chokondik from South Park. Get a good supportive bra misses!

Has Carol Kirkwood Mentioned Anything About Breast Reduction?

Carol Kirkwood has not revealed any breast reduction procedure. houseandwhips.comCarol Kirkwood has not revealed any breast reduction procedure.
Image Source: The Sun

While the weather presenter has said nothing about having plastic surgery on her boobs to reduce their size, it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility that she would go and get a breast reduction because there’s a lot that has been said about her breasts in various forums and she might not be totally oblivious to what’s being said about her. Carol Kirkwood has a reason for which she would get her breasts reduced.

She’s got support there. When she doesn’t have support, she is a representation of all that is unattractive and undesirable about breasts that are only a little bigger than average. She’s not even anywhere near old enough to have breasts headin that far towards to centre of the Earth.

Also, consider the possibility that she may not have been pushed to get a breast reduction because trolls got to her and she became too self-conscious of it, she might have done it for herself. It’s not easy to carry humongous boobs. They can be very painful and Carol Kirkwood might have done it for the pain. She did say that she feels ‘no pressure whatsoever‘ about her appearance but she is always focused on her physical health.

I’m just into my 60s, but I think the positive is that you care less what people think of you. You hear people’s opinions, but you don’t take them on board as much as when you’re younger.

Whatever the reason might be, she has not mentioned having plastic surgery to reduce her breasts. But it’s very noticeable that she has a much smaller boobs than she used to, and people are convinced that she had them operated on. It could be that she has a better wardrobe now or had a weight loss or something but the difference is too drastic and just on her chest. So, it’s most likely that Carol Kirkwood had a breast reduction.