Barry Keoghan May Have Had Plastic Surgery To Fix His Face!


Barry Keoghan looks like he has had plastic surgery on his jaw. – Barry Keoghan’s fans want to know if he has had plastic surgery probably because his face structure isn’t the same as when he was young. The actor has a very sharp and strong jawline now whereas he used to have softer features before, which has led people to think if he has something done to his jaws like jaw implants. Barry Keoghan has not yet responded to the discussion about his plastic surgery. 

Barry Keoghan established himself as one of the greatest and most skilled actors when he broke out in Hollywood in 2017 with his roles in Christopher Nolan‘s Dunkirk and Yorgos LanthimosThe Killing of a Sacred Deer. He was brilliant in the Irish crime film Calm with Horses and the fantasy film The Green Knight as well. In 2022, he won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and earned a nomination for the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Martin McDonagh‘s The Banshees of Inisherin.

Barry Keoghan blew everyone’s mind as the sociopathic Oliver Quick in the psychological drama Saltburn. That performance earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He was top-notch even in his Love/Hate days and he has continued to be that way, not just in movies but in television shows like Chernobyl and Top Boy as well. He really is a visual treat to watch and not just because of his acting skills, he’s great to look at as well. He so does not need to rely on his looks for his career but uhh…did he get plastic surgery for some reason?

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Barry Keoghan’s Plastic Surgery: Has He Had Anything Done to His Jaw?

Barry Keoghan (@keoghan92), to some of his fans, looks like he has had plastic surgery to alter the structure of his face. They think he got jaw implants for sharper and stronger facial features. He used to look quite soft when he was younger.

Barry Keoghan is suspected of having plastic surgery on his jaw. houseandwhips.comBarry Keoghan is suspected of having plastic surgery on his jaw.
Image Source: IndieWire

Isn’t Barry brilliant? He’s a phenomenal actor who slips into every character he plays with such ease that people can’t help but sing praises of how he’s such a natural at acting and doesn’t have to try at all. People who have been following him since before his breakout, since his Love/Hate days have always been aware of his mastery over the craft and they are happy to see how he has risen in his career. After seeing how far Barry Keoghan has come, they are not just happy but also a bit baffled because it looks like he has had plastic surgery and they can’t think of why he would do that.

Anyone who has watched Barry on screen would agree that not only is he a brilliant actor but he is a very handsome one as well. He very well could be one of those Hollywood hunk though unlike them, he wouldn’t need to rely on his looks for his career. He has always been more of an actor than a star. He always seemed serious about his craft so, people didn’t take him for one of those who would get plastic surgery to look more ummm…Hollywood-worthy. But he may have given in to the pressures of showbiz.

I mean, it looks like that because Barry Keoghan looks very tough now with his defined and sharp facial structure. Just look at how strong his jawline is compared to how soft he looked when he was younger. His jawline wasn’t all that striking before, it wasn’t even that defined whereas now, he has a very masculine look to him and all because of the change in the structure of his face because of the change in his jawline. Many think that he might have gotten plastic surgery to strengthen his jaws like he got jaw implants or something.

Barry Keoghan May Have Had Plastic Surgery to Reconstruct His Face!

Barry Keoghan might have gotten surgery to fix his face after sustaining injuries. houseandwhips.comBarry Keoghan might have gotten surgery to fix his face after sustaining injuries.
Image Source: NME

Not everyone buys that, however, because they counter that the Dunkirk actor might have just grown into his looks, that he might have just gotten an after-puberty glow-up. While it may be true that he cannot look the same as he did when he was a child, the change in his facial structure is too prominent and drastic, isn’t it? Also, it has not been very long since Barry Keoghan got that strong jawline, it’s only been a few years, which makes it look more like plastic surgery and not a natural glow-up.

Maybe he got something done to his jaw when he got his face fixed after he was left with facial injuries following an assault about two years ago. In 2021, he was found outside the G Hotel in Galway, Ireland with some non-life-threatening wounds all over his face. He was taken to the hospital promptly for treatment of his injuries. He might have gotten plastic surgery to fix his face then.

If Barry Keoghan has indeed gotten cosmetic surgery to give himself a more masculine appearance, he has not yet revealed it. In fact, he may not even have any idea about the discussion of his appearance going online. If he got plastic surgery to fix his face, he has not shared the details of how he was treated for his facial injuries either.