Beau Garrett’s Husband: Is Cloud Actress from Firefly Lane Married? Or Does She Have a Boyfriend?


Beau Garrett's Husband: Is Cloud Actress from Firefly Lane Married? Or Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Beau Garrett’s husband is a very well-kept secret. Nobody knows who he is or what he does or if he is even her husband or just a boyfriend. It’s hard to tell from the photos Cloud from Firefly Lane posted on her Instagram of herself and the father of her child while announcing that she was going to have a baby because his face was hidden from the camera. That has made the fans more curious about Beau Garrett’s husband or boyfriend.  

Beau Garrett is an American actress and model who is most known for playing the role of Jessica Preston on the ABC series The Good Doctor. She began her career in showbiz at a very young age when she was just 14 after she was discovered by an Elite modeling agent. After she signed with the agency, she began appearing in GUESS advertisements in the late 1990s.

And simultaneously with her modeling career, she took her acting career. In 2006, Beau Garrett made her feature film debut in the horror film Turistas. In the following years, she portrayed the roles of Captain Raye in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Gem in Tron: Legacy. She later appeared as a regular guest star on the television series Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour. She was also cast in the regular role in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce from 2014 to 2018.

She recently appeared in Firefly Lane, a coming-of-age series in which she plays the role of Cloud, mother to Tully, one of the main characters. Her latest project has given her more visibility than she would have liked, I assume because she sure cannot be enjoying the curiosity among her fans about her husband. She has always gone out of her way to maintain privacy in her personal life. But that has never stopped people from googling Beau Garrett’s husband or boyfriend.

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Beau Garrett’s Husband: Who Is The Actress Married to? Is It Her Old Boyfriend?

Beau Garrett (@blackdogtravels) has definitely made her mark in the acting industry as well as the modeling industry and has garnered thousands of fans throughout her journey in showbiz. The fans she gained are always interested in what she does, not just in her professional life but in her personal life as well. And about her personal life, they are the most curious about her relationship status, whether she has a husband or not, and if not, who is her boyfriend.

Because she is definitely not single. Beau Garrett recently announced via Instagram that she was going to have a baby and posted a series of her pictures of pregnancy with a man whose face (most likely the father of her child) is hidden from the camera. The Cloud actress from Firefly Lane wrote,

The ride if a lifetime. Can’t wait to see your face for the first time sweet little babe. May you carry the nobility of your father and the wildness of your mother.

Now, we don’t know who he is but we now know there is definitely a he in her life. And that is the tattooed man in the picture. The only question is whether he is her husband or boyfriend or fiance. Beau Garrett is not much for sharing more about that person. She’s just content with celebrating her pregnancy with the father of her child and not giving the fans any information about him despite her fans’ curiosity.

Not that the fans are entitled to more details about Beau Garrett’s husband or boyfriend, whatever it is, but that adds even more curiosity. It would have been a different matter if she had just announced that she was having a baby but because she also posted photos with a man, the father of her child, whose face was not exposed to the camera, people are just going wild with the speculations about who he is. They simply have become unable to place his tattooed arms.

Some even think that Beau Garrett’s husband is the actor/ director Chris Payne Gilbert who she last publicly dated. She was not very private about her relationship and personal life back then in 2011 and revealed in an interview,

I saw his dog and I fell in love with [it]. He was watering his plants and I didn’t see him; I saw his dog. And then I saw this gorgeous man with his shirt off, so it was like a double whammy.

But he is already married to somebody else and is the husband of another woman. So, it is definitely not him in the picture and we shall not know until Beau Garett herself opens up about it.

Before Chris Payne came into the picture in 2011, she dated Garrett Hedlund in 2010, Chris Pine from 2008-2009, and Kyle Howard in 2007. But, as of now, her relationship status is not hard to guess but who she is in a relationship with and whether it is her husband or boyfriend is hard to tell.

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