Did Beth Tweddle Get Plastic Surgery? Has She Had a Nose Job?

Derick Scholz

Beth Tweddle's fans are convinced she has gotten plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Beth Tweddle is suspected of having plastic surgery, particularly a nose job. Her fans think that she looks different from before and believe that she may have had work done. Given how trolled she was for looks, it would not be very surprising if Beth Tweddle had plastic surgery. But if she has actually had cosmetic procedures, she is yet to confirm it.

Beth Tweddle MBE is one of the greatest female gymnasts who is widely known for her uneven bar and floor routines. She was very artistic in how she performed and not just her home country Britain but the entire world loved to see her gymnast. She proved to be very influential in British gymnastics, going as far as to be considered a pioneer of the renaissance in the field at the beginning of the 21st century as her country saw the gymnastics program reach consistent global competitiveness. She became the first female gymnast from Great Britain to win a medal at the Olympic Games, World Championships, and European Championships.

With the entry of herself alongside peers including Isabelle Severino from France and Vanessa Ferarri from Italy began a period of significant success for Western European gymnasts globally. She is retired now but she is never far from the public eye. And with the public eye on her, she has often been the target of cosmetic surgery speculations because apparently, she has started to look very different. So, let’s talk about Beth Tweddle’s plastic surgery and whether she has had it or not!

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Beth Tweddle’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Trolls Who Mocked Her Looks Finally Get To Her?

Beth Tweddle (@bethtweddlenews1) is suspected by many of undergoing plastic surgery because they have perceived a visible change in her appearance. Is it Botox, is it fillers, is it a nose job, cosmetic dentistry, or is it some structural changes? Nobody knows but all the same, most of her followers suspect one or the other.

Beth Tweddle's fans believe she has had plastic surgery to tweak her looks. houseandwhips.comBeth Tweddle’s fans believe she has had plastic surgery to tweak her looks.
Image Source: The Mirror

If you see Beth now, you will notice that she does not look as she used to look before. There’s something in her looks that has changed. It can’t be specifically pointed out and it cannot be explained but somehow, she has gotten more beautiful than before. Just look at her old pictures and compare those to more recent ones and you will see what I mean. She’s clearly more good-looking than before and that’s the reason people suspect that she has had plastic surgery.

And it’s very possible that Beth Tweddle got cosmetic procedures in order to tweak her looks to look ‘more beautiful’. I mean, she was always trolled for her looks and people never left any chance at taking shots at her appearance. Maybe it got to her and that made her take the decision to get plastic surgery. Who would want to be compared to Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter or Grinch, the Christmas villain? It’s very hurtful and it might have affected her self-esteem and drove her to take the aid of cosmetic procedures to change herself.

She has opened up about how she felt about the online abuse she received for simply looking the way she does. Beth Tweddle could be performing the most brilliant moves and gymnast-ing her a*s off but all the trolls focus on is how she looks when she’s doing that. The cruel jibes of her looks were never-ending and she hated how the trolls only went for her appearance. Could that have led to her getting plastic surgery?

Did Beth Tweddle Have Plastic Surgery? Nose Job? Botox?

She said that it was hard being the target of online bullies who attack your looks because you cannot really control how you look and cannot change your appearance. Beth Tweddle did not want to hear that she looked like a horse. She did not want to get affected by that so, she turned to the UK Safer Internet Center, she said. She said that she got help and learned to ignore the hurtful comments but did she already internalize the nasty comments about her looks which later on led her to getting plastic surgery?

Beth Tweddle is suspected of having Botox, a nose job, and fillers. houseandwhips.comBeth Tweddle is suspected of having Botox, a nose job, and fillers.
Image Source: The Mirror

What else can explain the clear difference in how she looks? You can see that she does not look the same as before and it’s not due to aging that it has happened. Just what has made her look that way? Looking at her, nobody would ever think of comparing her to a horse or Lord Voldemort or Grinch because she looks way too elegant for that. Not that it was okay for those comparisons to be drawn before but you get what I’m saying. She does not look a certain way now. She could have had plastic surgery.

Or maybe it’s just makeup. Maybe we were not just used to seeing her all dolled up. While she was performing gymnastics, she would not have makeup on. That could have made a lot of difference. Maybe she didn’t have a nose job or Botox or fillers or cosmetic dentistry after all. Maybe she didn’t have plastic surgery. Maybe it was makeup all along or maybe not. We won’t really know until Beth Tweddle herself confirms or denies the rumors. Till now, she has not even addressed the speculations.