Brigitte Macron Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look Ageless?


Brigitte Macron was reported to have had plastic surgery in 2019.

Brigitte Macron has often been the subject of plastic surgery speculations and why would she not be when at 70, she could pass for someone in her 50s? The French president’s wife looks suspiciously fresh and stunning for her age and people suspect that she has had cosmetic work. Brigitte Macron reportedly underwent a facelift in 2019. Such plastic surgery reports have never been confirmed by her. 

Brigitte Macron‘s claim to fame is that she is married to the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron who is also the co-prince of Andorra. She is a bit controversial because of the nature of her relationship with Macron who is a former student of hers and younger by 25 years. The couple met at Lycée la Providence where she taught French and Latin when he attended her literature classes and she was in charge of the theatre class that he attended. They have stuck together for more than a decade now (they married in 2007) but people are never not shocked to see them together even now.

Anyway, besides the age difference, what people can’t ignore when they see Brigitte is that she may be old in age but she does not actually look it, and that piques their curiosity as to how she has managed to maintain herself. Did she have plastic surgery or is it just a d*mn good skincare regimen? We could use tips for when we get old on how to defy aging and nature itself. Let’s discuss Brigitte Macron’s plastic surgery!

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Brigitte Macron’s Plastic Surgery: She Reportedly Had a Facelift!

Brigitte Macron was widely reported to have undergone plastic surgery in 2019. Lots of people assumed that she had had a facelift to look younger when such reports surfaced but to date, there has been no confirmation of it.

Brigitte Macron reportedly had plastic surgery in 2019. houseandwhips.comBrigitte Macron reportedly had plastic surgery in 2019.
Image Source: NBC News

One thing you note when you look at the wife of the current French president Emmanuel Macron is that though she is 25 years older than him, the couple does not look like they have much age difference because she looks way too young for her age (many people think suspiciously so). As for Emmanuel, he does look right for a 45-year-old man but his wife has no business looking like someone in her forties when she is decades older than that. Just because of that, she always had plastic surgery allegations coming her way.

Those were only intensified in 2019 when reports that Brigitte Macron underwent a three-hour cosmetic surgery operation emerged. As per the reports, France’s first lady had gone under the knife at a private hospital in Paris right before leaving for summer vacation. It also said that she was supposedly placed under general anesthetic before the plastic surgery. If it was intense as they implied, sure she was.

Macron allegedly had the procedure at the world-famous American Hospital in the French capital. The hospital is said to be hugely popular with celebrities because it has a Plastic Surgery Unit offering ‘cutting-edge techniques’ including ones devoted to ‘facial rejuvenation procedures.’ It’s because of this that people assumed that she had gotten a facelift procedure (Because the hospital’s popular for facial rejuvenation). Many people imagined that she had aged backward a little in that her face seemed a bit tighter after seeing her in the aftermath of these reports.

Why Did Brigitte Macron Get Plastic Surgery?

Also, the general public was not particularly surprised, just intrigued, when the news broke that Brigitte Macron got herself operated on ‘for three hours’ and ‘under general aesthetic’ in a hospital known for plastic surgery because it was a known fact that she had headed for a consultation there just two weeks prior to that. They had known that it was coming because of that. Also, the fact that she had often spoken in the past about her concerns about looking much older than the French president who is her second husband.

Brigitte Macron seemed to hate looking older than her husband. houseandwhips.comBrigitte Macron seemed to hate looking older than her husband.
Image Source: BBC

Because the age gap she had with her husband was often a major point of discussion when it came to her and oftentimes, a source of criticism as well for her, it’s very understandable if she had insecurities about her age. By talking about her concerns about looking older, Brigitte Macron kind of gave away her desire to look young while standing next to her 25-years junior spouse. In doing that and in those reports emerging, people could easily conclude that she had had plastic surgery to look younger because she has all kinds of resources at her disposal and she wants to look young, so why not?

Also, a wide range of media outlets in Paris from French Closer magazine (known for its Elysee Palace contacts) to the upmarket Le Point magazine reported the story which made it seem very authentic and not like baseless rumors that tabloids print. The magazines also said that the lead medic who worked on Brigitte was ‘an eminent cosmetic surgeon’ with a well-publicized profile and because, according to many people, she started to look much younger than she looked until that point, the public was inclined to believe that.

Brigitte Macron has never confirmed those plastic surgery reports but in this case, her silence speaks volumes.