Has Brooke Henderson Had Weight Loss?

Derick Scholz

Brooke Henderson seems to have undergone a bit of weight loss. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Brooke Henderson appeared to have undergone weight loss in a recent golf tournament. The golf star was never too fat but she used to look kind of flabby in the face, arms, and legs before whereas now, she looks very slender. Fans want to know the secret of her physical transformation but Brooke Henderson has not acknowledged her weight loss yet. 

Brooke Henderson is a natural in golf. Not everyone begins swinging golf clubs at 16 and goes on to become one of the world’s top women’s golfers at 21. She ranked as high as No.2 on the world rankings in 2016. It was no mean feat for someone who had been playing professionally for barely two years. The Canadian sports personality was named the Canadian Press female athlete of the year for 2015, 2017, and 2018.

Brooke Henderson won her first major in 2016 at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship when she was just 18 and became the event’s youngest winner. Her second career major title, she won at the 2022 Evian Championship. So far, she is the one who has the most victories of any Canadian golfer on major professional tours with 13 LPGA wins. In November 2019, she was honored by the LPGA tour with the 2019 Founders Award as she was someone “whose behavior and deeds best exemplify the spirit, ideals, and values of the LPGA.” Anyway, let’s go off the tangent and talk about her weight loss for a while!

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Brooke Henderson’s Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?

Brooke Henderson (@brookehendersongolf) looks like she has been through a weight loss journey because she looks noticeably leaner than she was a few years back.

Brooke Henderson's weight loss has changed her dramatically. houseandwhips.comBrooke Henderson’s weight loss has changed her dramatically.
Image Source: Sky Sports

Brooke gave it her all and displayed an admirable and formidable performance at the recently held (January 2024) Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions and secured the third position. Though it looked like she was slipping as the defending champion in the beginning, she managed to pick herself up and she may not have won the tournament but it was on a good note she finished it anyway. Anyway, her game is not what we are here to talk about, we are here to talk about her weight loss because everyone else is.

So, you might have noticed that not only did Brooke Henderson play formidably at the tournament but she also looked very fierce and lean while doing so. Yeah, lean. I bet you cannot remember that anybody would use the word ‘lean’ to describe her physique because she was not built that way. She was not very slender. Not to say that she was fat or anything like that but she definitely wasn’t slim as she is now. She has had a bit of weight loss and it’s making people do a double take on her because even though she has not lost much weight, it has changed her look considerably.

I think the physical transformation that Brooke Henderson underwent is just her losing her baby fat. I mean, if you look at her face only, it looks like that. She used to have chubby and plump cheeks whereas now, her face looks very slim. Is the change in her appearance just a glow-up then? It very well could be. Her arms and legs also used to look quite flabby a few years ago whereas now, her body looks very slender and toned. She did not have a drastic weight loss but what little weight she shed, it changed her dramatically and it altered her a lot.

How Did Brooke Henderson Have a Weight Loss?

Brooke Henderson has not acknowledged her obvious physical transformation. houseandwhips.comBrooke Henderson has not acknowledged her obvious physical transformation.
Image Source: Golf Canada

The golf star looks less bulky than before, and fitter. She looks like a proper athlete now. It was not the same as before. Just a few years back, there used to be lots of comments on how she, as someone who was a golf player, should be more into maintaining her physique as her career rests heavily on her body. It does not look like you will be seeing such comments onward. Brooke Henderson‘s weight loss is going to pay off in ways more than one.

Looking at her, many fans have taken an interest in what her diet plans and workout routine are but the LPGA star has not acknowledged her new physique yet. Though, in a 2017 interview, we got an insight into what her eating habits are like.

Brooke loves Italian food, so a lot of the time, we have spaghetti or something like that before a big day. We find it good for lasting energy and it keeps you going for the next day. When we’re out on the course, she tries to eat a lot of bananas and apples and healthier granola bars and the occasional chocolate, though we try to save that (for) until the end of the round. Also hydration — we found it’s something we need to really keep up with and be conscious about. So we make Brooke drink a lot of water and also BioSteel, which is really good for focus.

That’s all we can connect to Brooke Henderson’s weight loss.