Weight Loss: Jon Morrison Looks Thin; Kenny in Vera Lost Weight?


Jon Morrison has had weight loss recently. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jon Morrison is revealed to have undergone a bit of weight loss in Season 13 of Vera and fans want to know what happened to Kenny Lockhart. Some of them are wondering if he has gotten ill because he used to look healthier when he was heavier before. Jon Morrison has not responded to fan speculations about his weight loss. 

Jon Morrison is a great Scottish actor who has been a firm fixture on British television since 2011 as a part of ITV’s Vera. Though he has done many other plays, films, and television series since the early 1970s, he is mostly recognized as DC Kenny Lockhart from Vera and he is as much beloved as Brenda Blethyn herself. He is also known for starring in the Peter McDougall plays Just Another Saturday and The Elephants’ Graveyard. He has also featured in Gary Oldman‘s Nil by Mouth.

Jon Morrison’s most iconic role is as Kenny in Vera, however. He has starred in 46 episodes of the show and because nobody does the role of the hardened detective like him, it doesn’t look like he’s leaving Vera Stanhope’s side anytime soon. Nobody can say that they weren’t glad to see him in the latest season whereas everybody talked about how sad they were when there were rumors that he was quitting the show two years back. Anyway, he has reprised his role for Season 13 and as it turns out, he has had a weight loss. So, let’s discuss that!

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Jon Morrison’s Weight Loss: How Did He Get Thin?

Jon Morrison has had a bit of weight loss, it seems. In the latest season of Vera, he looked skinny. People don’t remember him being that thin.

Jon Morrison (left) is revealed to have had weight loss. houseandwhips.comJon Morrison (left) is revealed to have had weight loss.
Image Source: Birmingham Live

So, Vera has returned for its thirteenth season, and first things first, our favorite character DC Kenny Lockhart is back. Jon has reprised his role and we are all very glad to see him. And a little bit surprised. Because he does not look the same as he did in the previous season. He has lost a bit of weight. He looks noticeably thinner than before and you know what that means, right? The speculations about his weight loss all over social media which has already started.

Vera has already premiered on ITV and anyone who’s watched it knows what I’m talking about, don’t you? Hasn’t Jon Morrison gotten really skinny? It’s not that he was fat but he was kind of heavy in the previous seasons. If you have trouble remembering what he used to look like before, just look at the old episodes. Seasons 1 to 12 are available on ITV’s streaming app ITVX. Check them out and then, you will notice that he has undergone weight loss.

If you have noticed it, you might be wondering how he lost weight. It’s not as though Jon Morrison was super fat and needed to lose weight as soon as he could if he wanted to live long and healthy. He just looked like any average man who wasn’t super conscious about fitness. He looked a bit bulky but that was it. Many would say he looked better when he was heavier because he looked at least healthy back then. The same thing cannot be said about him now that he’s had weight loss because he looks kind of sickly.

Has Jon Morrison Said Anything About His Weight Loss?

Jon Morrison hasn't responded to the speculations that he is sick. houseandwhips.comJon Morrison hasn’t responded to the speculations that he is sick.
Image Source: The Sun

The actor’s body looks thinner than before and while some would say that’s an improvement, others, looking at his face, can’t bring themselves to agree on that as he looks extremely worn out and tired. He looks much older than before and you can say that he has aged since the last season so, obviously, he would look old but it’s not that. It seems as though he has aged by decades in a year. It’s not normal. That’s why the viewers wonder if Jon Morrison‘s weight loss had anything to do with him being ill or anything.

Well, that’s just speculation on our part based on his appearance and we can’t be certain about whether he is actually sick and has some illness which is causing him to lose weight. What we can be certain about is that he has lost weight. As for the hows and whys of it, we can’t tell. He has never talked about wanting to lose weight so, we can’t tell if he’s embarked on a weight loss journey. Jon Morrison has stayed silent about the whole thing. He has not responded to people’s speculations and since he’s not the kind of person who’s known for addressing rumors about him, don’t expect anything from him.