Bruce Bruce Weight Loss: How Much Does He Weigh Now?


Bruce Bruce has had a drastic weight loss.

Bruce Bruce seems to have undergone a noticeable weight loss in the last decade. Though the comedian is not exactly the epitome of fitness right now, he has come very far from weighing 330 pounds like he used to. Bruce Bruce is rumored to have started his weight loss journey in 2014 after a health crisis. He went vegan and started going to the gym and that resulted in his drastic physical transformation. 

Bruce Bruce is an incredible comedian who is much beloved in America. People have loved him and his sense of humor ever since he began hosting BET’s ComicView in 2000. His stand-ups are always top-notch, and he is excellent at delivering punchlines like he’s just making casual remarks. He is also good at acting. Fans found him very brilliant in films such as The Wash, Hair Show, XXX: State of the Union, Idlewild, Who’s Your Caddy, Think Like a Man, Top Five, and Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.

Comedy comes naturally to him and it’s amazing how he can take a very serious topic and perform a perfect stand-up infused with just the right amount of humor and sensitiveness. Think of him making jokes about his struggles with losing weight. He seems to have powered through in that regard. Oh, and by the way, did you notice that he has shed a lot of weight in the last few years? Let’s talk about Bruce Bruce’s weight loss journey!

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Bruce Bruce’s Weight Loss: He Has Had a Noticeable Transformation in the Last Decade!

Bruce Bruce (@mybrucebruce) has undergone a drastic weight loss in the past decade, have you noticed? If not, just take his pictures from a decade ago and compare them to more recent ones. You will see the difference. He has never said it himself but he is estimated to have lost over 100 pounds.

Bruce Bruce has had a dramatic weight loss since 2014. houseandwhips.comBruce Bruce has had a dramatic weight loss since 2014.
Image Source: Punch Line Philly

The comedian, you might have noticed, has always been very obese and overweight. He was like that when he first appeared on television and he still is. He often incorporated his weight and his physique into his routine and people loved that he not only made jokes at other’s expense but laughed at himself as well. Anyway, so, he has often made jokes about his struggles with his weight and the difficulties he’s faced in his weight loss journey.

But it looks as though Bruce Bruce has won over those difficulties and successfully lost weight. Now, you might not notice it and you might be like ‘he was overweight before and he is overweight now, what’s the difference, where’s the weight loss?’ But it’s really not like that. When I say he has lost weight, I don’t necessarily mean that he has gotten super slim and super fit. Like in no way is he fit even now. It’s just that he has gotten slimmer than before, not exactly slim.

Yeah, he had a hard time staying strong and focused on his transformation journey because with all kinds of food available, how could he just not eat it? Was he supposed to act like there was no food? However, he most likely got over his obsession with food in order to lose weight because his fatness was affecting his quality of life. He weighed about 330 pounds at his highest and that can’t be easy to live with. Of course, there were going to be many weight-related problems and thus, he decided to embark on his weight loss journey.

What Did Bruce Bruce Do For Weight Loss?

Bruce Bruce went vegan and started working out to lose weight. houseandwhips.comBruce Bruce went vegan and started working out to lose weight.
Image Source: Punch Line Philly

Everyone was worried about Bruce Bruce and expressed concerns about his health when he weighed 330 pounds. Maybe he would have just ignored the worries and kept on indulging in eating to his heart’s contentment but when he suffered an unexpected health crisis, he decided to be serious about his physique and his weight. It was sometime in 2014 that he was advised by doctors to lose some weight so, he began a weight loss journey.

What did he do? Of course, a major overhaul in his diet and physical fitness routine, which was non-existent at that point in time. Bruce Bruce completely cut off fast food and ditched meat. He went fully vegan and that worked wonders for him. His commitment to a vegan lifestyle caused a drastic physical transformation through weight loss, he never deterred from his commitment, and as a result, he is about 100 pounds lighter.

Bruce Bruce also stopped drinking coffee in the morning and started going to the gym and working out. He began going on runs for an hour every morning. All of that physical routine has amounted to his dramatic weight loss. This is what the rumors say. He has never confirmed the vegan diet thing and workout. He has never said that he lost 100 pounds. It was just estimated that he lost weight because he had gotten skinnier compared to before.