Candice Brown’s Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Did The 2016 Great British Bake-Off Show Winner Get?

Derick Scholz

Candice Brown's Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Did The 2016 Great British Bake-Off Show Winner Get?

Candice Brown has used plastic surgery for anti-aging purposes if it can be called that. What the television star got was a non-surgical facelift that uses a tiny electrical micro-current to re-educate the facial muscles and reduce the lines. Candice Brown loved this non-invasive plastic surgery procedure she calls facials. The Great British Bake-Off Show winner is also accused of having lip fillers but she has always denied those speculations. 

Candice Brown is a television personality who you might recognize from 2016’s Great British Bake-Off Show. She was crowned the winner that season. At the time she applied for the baking reality show, she was based in Bedfordshire and worked as a PE teacher. She had a passion for pies, cakes, and baking in her pajamas with high heels on.

When she was asked what got her into baking, she revealed that her grandma was a big influence and said that she would love to become ‘even half the lady she was.’ She seems well on her way to that. Her incredible creations saw to that for her hopefully. If not that, it at least got her to the final of the show and through it as well.

Since then, Candice Brown has appeared on a number of television shows, including Loose Women and This Morning. She also participated in ITV’s Dancing on Ice. She also appeared on Celebrity Mastermind (her specialist subject is Audrey Hepburn).

She has come a long way from then. But some of the viewers who watched her on the baking show haven’t. They were trolling her about her appearance, especially her lips then, and they are still doing it now. Besides accusing her of lip fillers, they also accuse her of plastic surgery. But the joke’s on them because she has come very clean about the non-surgical facelift she has had. The only thing that bothers her is the lip filler accusation. Here are all the details about Candice Brown’s plastic surgery!

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Candice Brown’s Plastic Surgery: The Television Star Got a Non-Surgical Facelift!

Candice Brown (@candicebrown) has undergone plastic surgery as an aid against aging. She had a non-surgical facelift which she has been very open about and she is also suspected of having lip fillers. Fillers, she has denied time and again.

Back in 2017, Candice Brown decided that she looked too old at 32 and she didn’t want to. So, she took the decision to get plastic surgery as an anti-aging procedure. And that seemed to have worked out well for her. Because she looked great after the procedure. The non-surgical facelift she had worked like a charm. She looked her very best on the ice rink as she participated in Dancing on Ice later that year.

The television star used a high-tech micro-current facial, which saw small electrical currents applied to the face to ‘re-educate’ facial muscles to make them more youthful and reduce lines on her face. This plastic surgery, which is really a non-surgical facelift, is done in six stages. It starts with a micro-dermabrasion and it is then followed by micro-current stimulation and re-education of muscles. After that, it uses an LED wrinkle comb that erased lines on the face and a hydrating Hydromask. The final stage is a massage with micro-current rollers which helps restore muscle tone and firmness.

The course of six anti-aging CACI facials does not come cheap. The non-surgical facelift costs nearly £1,000, but at least it’s not painful as the real plastic surgery that is the surgical facelift. Candice Brown liked the pain-free aspect of the facial that she had. Maybe if it wasn’t painless, she would never have bothered to take time out from her rigorous ice skating training schedule and visit London’s Soho clinic Seduire to have the 90-minute beauty treatment every couple of weeks.

Clearly, Candice Brown loved the ‘plastic surgery’ she decided to have because that facial made her look and feel great. She is a fan of the non-surgical facelift or facial as she calls it. She even raved about it on Twitter as she wrote,

Loved my CACI facial and I could really see the difference with my skin after the first one. The pain-free hour long facial uses tiny electrical micro-current to retrain your facial muscles and has been dubbed the non-surgical facelift. Thank you so much to my amazing therapist Seduire London Beauty Clinic. 

Candice Brown would most likely say that she has not had plastic surgery because she doesn’t consider this non-surgical facelift as one and just calls it facial. But still, she did have some modifications in her face. The procedure rejuvenated her face and made her look younger and fresher than before. So, though this may not qualify as plastic surgery, this is a non-invasive procedure.

Besides this non-invasive plastic surgery, Candice Brown has had lip fillers, fans believe. But the Great British Bake-Off Show winner has denied it time and again. Remember that season of the baking show? People could not just ignore her pout and her bright lipstick. Many thought she had filled her lips. She addressed a social media user accusing her of lip fillers once on Twitter.

I actually don’t have fillers! It was the amazing application of @fentybeauty lipstick! The only thing I’ve had is a brace!!! I don’t know what I’ve done to upset people 😢

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