Casey King’s Weight Loss: How Did The My 3000-lb Family Star Lose 41.4 Stone?

Derick Scholz

Casey King's Weight Loss: How Did The My 3000-lb Family Star Lose 41.4 Stone?

Casey King underwent a massive physical transformation and capped his weight loss journey after dropping 41.4 stones. The My 3000lb Family used to weigh 50 stone, was unemployed, and lived with his father. Now, Casey King has a much different life. He follows an intense diet and workout routine to continue and maintain the weight loss he had after having surgery. 

Casey King is probably the most successful person in the history of My 6000lb Family. The massive physical transformation he had and how he turned his life with it is commendable and very inspiring. Going from being an extremely obese 50-stone person to being an incredibly fit person weighing just 9 stone is not a small thing. Learn more about Casey King’s weight loss journey, his surgery, his diet, and his fitness regime!

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Casey King’s Weight Loss: The My 3000lb Family Star Had Surgery to Lose Weight; Check Out His Diet and Workout Routine!

Casey King (@_caseyking_) has one of the most insane weight loss stories to tell. It was jaw-dropping to hear that he was 50 stone (700 pounds) when we first met him. Even though it was on My 3000lb Family, it was too much to not have any kind of reaction. But now, he has shed more than 41.4 stone (579 pounds). He is just 121 pounds now and he looks like a completely different person. If that’s not the most impressive transformation, then I don’t know what is!

Do you remember when Casey King was forced to bathe outside in a trough because he just couldn’t fit in the bathroom inside? The size he was at then had rendered him immobile. It was a Herculean task for him to move at all. Because he was a bigger guy with folds and flaps, he had to move around almost like a pig in a way, wallow, and roll over to get the back of his legs, he explained. How was he going to even begin his weight loss journey?

Casey King had to lift up literal pieces of skin and that was just a seriously difficult process. That was not a great way to live because he had very few options about how to spend time. Because he couldn’t really move, there was not much he could do for physical activity. He would just wake up around 12, figure out what he was going to eat, and then it was TV, video games, and bed for him. He would just sit naked as free as he could be with his doors shut where no one bothered him, and play video games. Making efforts for weight loss never crossed his mind.

Casey King had doomed himself to live his life like that. “I will just eat until I am dead, probably,” he said on the show. He didn’t have a much positive attitude about life then. Hard to be positive when you are taking refuge from the real world in video games. Nobody ever ‘saw’ him in the real world. But in the gaming world and virtual reality worlds, there was no problem because he was accepted there and he could be Casey he wanted to be, but not be judged on his weight. He never even tried to make efforts for weight loss.

Until he was approached by a TLC producer to feature on My 3000lb Family and to get help in losing weight. When he appeared on the show, he was unemployed and the only family who was with him and looked after him was his father. His father Danny had to wait on him hand and foot. It was humiliating having to be taken care of like that. He should have thought of having weight loss for the sake of his father.

Maybe he didn’t think about weight loss because he didn’t remember living any other way. He had always been a beefy child. Casey King started to pile on the pounds when he was just a teenager. He used to work in restaurants where he ate a lot of food in the kitchen. Soon, overeating showed in his body, it became too difficult for him to work, and when he became unemployed, his mother kicked him out. There was no place for him to go, except for his father’s.

Casey King never envisioned that was what his life was gonna be like. He never thought that he would be living with his father and that he would have no job and no real money and that he would just be playing video games all day and eating at 34. But that was what it was. Until he underwent weight loss and had one of the most amazing transformations in the history of My 3000lb Family.

How did Casey King lose all that weight? Of course, it was not possible to undergo weight loss for a man of his size without having surgery. So, he had surgery to remove part of his stomach. And now, he and his life has changed for the better. He lost a whopping 41.4 stone (579 pounds) after the surgery and dropped down to just 121 pounds. He took to Instagram to share pictures of his trim physique and now, everyone’s going on about his weight loss journey on the internet, on Twitter, on Reddit, on Instagram, and everywhere.

In the snap that showed Casey King’s new slimmed figure to the world for the first time, he looked like he was ready to hit the gym in his attire – a turquoise hoodie and grey sweatpants. It looks like he is committed to his weight loss journey and sticking to a fitness regime. That post on Instagram shocked many people and started intense discussions about surgery and diets and exercises. Especially on Reddit, people are analyzing how he lost so much weight and what he can do to maintain his new body.

My 3000lb Family star followed an intense diet and fitness regime to continue with his weight loss journey after he had the surgery. For diet, he focused on having high-protein meals like fish, poultry, and eggs, and consumed plenty of vegetables. He avoided sugar, carb, high sodium, and junk foods. Not much is known about his fitness regime but it is assumed that he did weight-lifting and cardio to burn off the calories. Many people on Reddit seemed to believe he goes on a hike whenever he has time.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, most people complimented and congratulated Casey King for being successful in his weight loss journey.

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