Jane Lockhart’s Weight Loss: How Did The Designer Lose Weight? Check Out the Tips She Gave!


Jane Lockhart's Weight Loss: How Did The Designer Lose Weight? Check Out the Tips She Gave!

Jane Lockhart has not had any weight loss but she sure has tips on how to lose weight. The designer has shared that some minimal changes like painting kitchen walls a different color and not putting television near the kitchen or in the bedroom can help people lose weight. Jane Lockhart notes that there’s no guarantee that these tips will help you in weight loss, but she thinks that they might help a little.

Jane Lockhart is one of Canada’s best-known experts in the world of design and color. You might recognize her from her role in the television series Colour Confidential, as a guest speaker at many home and design shows, and also as a design expert on national talk shows such as CTV’s The Marilyn Dennis Show and City TV’s Cityline. In 1997, she launched Jane Lockhart Design which specializes in interior design and renovation for retail, hospitality, home-building, and residential clients.

The interior decor firm has been recognized with many awards from several national associations for its stellar design work. And now, the designer has come up with some weight loss tips that happen with a few changes in your home. Continue reading for Jane Lockhart’s weight loss tips based on the interior decoration and styling of your home!

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Jane Lockhart’s Weight Loss: The Designer Has Some Interesting Tips on How to Lose Weight!

If you are the kind of person who would scoff if someone told you that a good interior design can make you more svelte, then give the benefit of the doubt to Jane Lockhart (@janelockhartdesign) who claims so, and check out some of her weight loss tips to see if it really works!

As per Jane Lockhart the designer, there’s not much you need to do if you want to get slim. Just a few changes in your home decor and you’re good to go! For instance, replace your larger plates with smaller ones. Jane says that we have been doubling our calorie intake ever since the 1950s dinner plate sizes have increased from 7” to 9” to now reaching 11” and 12” in diameter because there is more room to cover. Just replace the plates and you will see weight loss!

If people have a kitchen built before or during the 1970s and a new set of dishes, they might have noticed how the dinner plates hang over the edge of the shelf. New kitchen cabinets have had to catch up to accommodate large dinner plates and are now at least 13” deep whereas they once were only 11” deep. That has made all the difference in how big our plates (and bellies) have become. If you want to have weight loss, Jane Lockhart wants you to be mindful of that!

Likewise, open-concept living, wherein the spaces between the kitchen and family room have opened up, has increased what people eat because when there was no such concept and they would eat without distraction, they would be mindful of the calories so, they would not eat a lot, Jane Lockhart said. But now, with all kinds of distractions, people eat more and gain more weight. So, if there’s a reasonable distance between living and dining, maybe you could see weight loss in a few months!

Also, if you are watching your weight, Jane Lockhart says it’s best not to put a television in the bedroom because she points out that watching television late at night might tempt you with snacks at your most vulnerable moments and also interrupt your sleeping patterns. And if you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be able to withstand caloric temptation throughout the day as the more tired you are, the more you reach for treats to keep us going. If you remove the television from the room, you could have a weight loss just based on that.

And some other thing that Jane Lockhart says that your home can do to add to weight loss is if you place a bowl of fruit on the counter, it might keep you from snacking on unhealthy items. So, you might want to put red and orange-colored fruit in a bowl because they are more likely to attract attention as red and orange are more of a ‘reach out and touch’ color. So, maybe put red apples, peaches, and raspberries in a bowl so you don’t snack on junk foods.

Also, because blue light is said to discourage appetite, maybe install a cool impact fluorescent bulb as the interior fridge light so that you will snack less at midnight, and that could contribute to weight loss. Plus, if you choose icy blue and green colors for walls, it can have an immediate psychological response of reduced appetite. They can be healthy choices for kitchen walls.

Jane Lockhart cannot assure you that these weight loss tips might work, she says that there’s no guarantee but any little bit might help.

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