Cat and Nat’s Weight Loss: Check Out Their Journey with the Weight Watchers and Check Out Their Diet and Workout Routine!

Derick Scholz

Cat and Nat's Weight Loss: Check Out Their Journey with the Weight Watchers and Check Out Their Diet and Workout Routine!

Cat and Nat have undergone weight loss since they first broke out into the online world. Cat tried various diets and several workout routines to get in shape that she was before she gave birth to her babies. And Nat lost weight over 10 weeks of the Weight Watchers challenge. Cat and Nat wants the mothers to make their weight loss journey more about taking care of themselves and not just about dropping down to a certain weight.

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer, who are better known as Cat and Nat, are high school friends who reconnected after they both became moms. They have seven kids between the two of them so, they are well aware of just how lonely and isolating motherhood can be and so, they bonded over that, and they also set out on a mission to bring moms together by hosting dinner parties and events without babies and with wine.

These events were massive hits among mothers in Toronto and took Cat & Nat to become popular instantly leading them to break into the online world and reach more people and connect women and moms everywhere.  Now, they run a social media empire and a community of like-minded moms that is ever rapidly exploding tune in every day to watch them rewrite the paradigm of ‘the perfect mom.’

The duo dismantles the unrealistic portrayals of motherhood that are often presented throughout social and traditional media with honesty and humor in their #MOMTRUTHS videos, which have garnered hundreds of millions of views, their Facebook Lives, and Instagram stories. They also have written a best-selling book and an iHeartRadio award-nominated podcast where they share everything moms think but are too afraid to do it aloud. Over the past few years, they have taken their #MOMTRUTHS on the road and they have performed over 100 live shows across North America.

One of the things that mothers want to know about them is their weight loss journey. With a lot of moms struggling to get in shape after they have their child, they just seem to be able to do it all. Cat had made some changes in her diet and started working out, whereas Nat had tried Weight Watchers to lose weight under their supervision. Let’s learn more about Cat and Nat’s weight loss!

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Cat and Nat’s Weight Loss: The Duo Wants Mothers to Lose Weight By Taking Care of Themselves and Not Just to Get in Shape!

Cat and Nat (@catandnat) have very noticeably undergone weight loss since they first broke out into the online world and the moms cannot help but admire it and can’t wait to know how they did that. While all the mothers are struggling with losing weight and getting fit and in shape that they were before they gave birth to their children, the duo went ahead and did it. They successfully lost the weight they gained after having their babies and now, are super fit.

So, the biggest question about them is: How did Cat and Nat do it? What exactly did they do in their weight loss journey that made it a success? And how are they maintaining their current bodies? Well, you might know a little something about what they did if you have been watching their social media content because they update very frequently what they do in their vlogs.

In a vlog posted on Cat and Nat’s official Youtube channel in 2017, Cat revealed her weight loss plan. She shared that she had researched different meals that she can store in a store jar available at dollar stores in preparation for a healthy diet plan. She also said that she was going to try different low-fat recipes. She also made sure to note that she was not doing it for fitness and health but because it had been so long that she was out of shape and she wanted to be in shape like in older times because it was more fun than being out of shape.

As for Nat, she lost weight over 10 weeks of the Weight Watchers challenge and she has spoken of her weight loss in several episodes of her podcast. However, she is not sharing tips. Because they don’t want mothers to let their weight consume them and they want primarily for moms to take care of themselves and in doing so, lose weight with healthy habits.

As Cat and Nat wrote in a Facebook post they made in 2019, Nat didn’t show the ‘before and after’ of her Weight Watchers journey for comparison because it wasn’t about weight or a number on the scale to her. For the duo, the weight loss was more about taking care of themselves and having their bodies respond to a weight that they want to be rather than forcing themselves to be of a certain weight.

Cat and Nat admitted that they were ultimately trying to lose weight so that they can tie up their own shoes and not have to feel like they can’t breathe without lying down. They traveled and they stuck with healthy eating and they underwent weight loss. It’s a lifestyle plan for them and they are committed to making their lives better by having authority over their bodies.

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