Questlove’s Weight Loss: Has The DJ Lost Weight? How Did He Lose Weight? What are His Diet Plans and Workout Routines?


Questlove's Weight Loss: Has The DJ Lost Weight? How Did He Lose Weight? What are His Diet Plans and Workout Routines?

Questlove underwent a significant weight loss of more than 150 pounds in his 40s. At his heaviest, he weighed 488 pounds and now he’s around 300 pounds and is working to drop down to 200 pounds. The DJ cut off dairy products, animal products, and carbohydrates from his diet and started doing yoga after he became serious about his health. Questlove changed his way of living and it successfully worked for his weight loss. 

Questlove (real name: Ahmir Khalib Thompson) is an American musician, record producer, disc jockey, filmmaker, music journalist, and actor. He is most recognized as the drummer and joint frontman (with Black Thought) for the hip-hop band the Roots, the band which has been serving as the in-house band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon since 2014. They were the in-house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as well.

He has produced recordings for artists including Elvis Costello, Common, D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Bilal, Jay-Z, Nikka Costa, and more recently, Booker T. Jones, Al Green, Amy Winehouse, and John Legend. He is also a member of the production teams the Soulquarians, the Randy Watson Experience, the Soultronics, the Grand Negaz, and the Grand Wizzards. He has won several accolades, including an Academy Award, six Grammy Awards, and a BAFTA Award.

He has made a significant contribution as a musician but it’s not his music people are talking about now. It’s his weight loss. He looks dramatically slimmer than he did in his 40s and people can’t help but admire his transformation and be curious about his diet and workout routines. Let’s learn more about Questlove’s weight loss!

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Questlove’s Weight Loss: The Musician Cut off Meat and Dairy From His Diet, and Started Doing Yoga!

Questlove (@questlove) underwent significant weight loss in his 40s after he became concerned about his friends dying from strokes at his age. At his heaviest, he weighed 488 pounds. Now, he’s about 300 pounds. He has lost more than 150 pounds till now and is continuing to work to lose weight as we speak.

Questlove lived a very glamorous life, a bit reckless. He paid no mind to what he ate and what he drank and he just partied all the time. That sounds fun but that’s not a great way of living. Maybe he finally realized that after he just watched many of his friends die of strokes in their 40s. It terrified him because he felt that he could be next. That was when he decided to focus on his health and began working on weight loss.

Questlove was tired of hearing the word ‘stroke’ too much and he was too disturbed to not do anything about it. He said that he had made it that far without being shot, that he had managed to avoid bullets by not going out late, not hanging in bars alone, and not going to any shady neighborhoods and he didn’t want to be taken away by stroke. So, he began to watch his health and he got a plan to get a trainer to help with his weight loss.

He got serious about changing his way of living and first, he changed his diet in order to have weight loss. Questlove took out gluten, wheat, and most dairy from his diet. He ate fish, shrimp, or lobster only two days of the week and the rest of the days, it was either seitan, soy, or tofu. He also included a lot of greens in his meals and he did a lot of juice cleansing, ginger, and a lot of beet juice.

Now, Questlove has cut out animal products from his diet and is now completely vegan. These days, apparently, he doesn’t pick up drumsticks if it’s not to bang drums. His strict diet also prohibits him from having white carbohydrates, fruit, and caloric drinks (two glasses of red wine per night is permitted). He is not allowed to have the same meal routinely but he can binge-eat one day a week. His weight loss journey has not come to an end.

Questlove is sticking to the weight loss regime and is staying motivated. I mean, he ate takeout sashimi for dinner and zucchini lasagna with vegan cheese before his residency at Brooklyn Bowl when he had a restaurant. And it’s not just his diet, it’s his workout plan as well. He started doing yoga and he has been very consistent about it. He learned relaxing and getting good sleep are as important as working out. He talked in detail about it in an episode of the Love + Grit podcast.

Now, Questlove is sticking to his diet plans and yoga and workout routines, and other changes and he is doing a good job at maintaining his weight loss. He is now about 300 pounds and is trying to drop to another 100 pounds.

I’m trying to even drop another 100 pounds just to live in the area of 200. You know, only because now I’m settled and I’m kinda steady in New York, and I want a future. I’m tryin’ to get a wife and kids, that type of stuff. I gotta take care of me.

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