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On March 20, 2023 By Urban

Questlove's Girlfriend: Is The Musician Single? Or Does He Have a Wife? Who is Grace Harry?

Is Questlove single? Or is he married and he has a wife? Or does he have a girlfriend he's dating?...
On March 16, 2023 By Rachel

Questlove's Weight Loss: Has The DJ Lost Weight? How Did He Lose Weight? What are His Diet Plans and Workout Routines?

Questlove underwent a significant weight loss of more than 150 pounds in his 40s. At his heaviest, he weighed 488...
On February 27, 2023 By Rachel

Pete Doherty's Weight Gain: Did The Drug Addiction Affect The Libertines Frontman's Weight?

Pete Doherty's weight often fluctuated with the change in his lifestyle and he often had weight gain when he made...
On January 14, 2023 By Sharon

DJ Envy's Nose Job: Did the Producer Get Elective Plastic Surgery or a Medical Procedure to Get His Nasal Polyps Removed?

DJ Envy's nose job is the latest topic of discussion among the fans of the music producer. The host of...
On November 27, 2022 By Rachel

Smokey Robinson's Plastic Surgery: Did The Singer Have Cosmetic Surgery To Remove the Signs of Aging?

Smokey Robinson has very few wrinkles or lines and his skin is the smoothest and also the tightest which looks...
On November 21, 2022 By Harvey

Jimmy Jam's Weight Loss: Did The Record Producer Have Surgery to Get Slimmer?

Jimmy Jam Harris's weight loss of 25 pounds was rehashed again after he and Terry Lewis were inducted into the...
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