Pete Doherty’s Weight Gain: Did The Drug Addiction Affect The Libertines Frontman’s Weight?


Pete Doherty's Weight Gain: Did The Drug Addiction Affect The Libertines Frontman's Weight?

Pete Doherty’s weight often fluctuated with the change in his lifestyle and he often had weight gain when he made those changes. About a year back, the Libertines frontman started to gain weight after he replaced drugs with dairy products. About a decade ago as well, Pete Doherty underwent massive weight gain and looked double his size from his drug-fuelled heyday when he began to receive anti-drug treatment. 

Pete Doherty is an English musician, songwriter, actor, poet, writer, and artist, and a very promising one for that. He formed the music band The Libertines with Carl Barât in 1997 and he is best known for being the co-frontman of the band. He also had other bands he formed and was a part of. His other musical projects are the indie band Babyshambles and Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres.

He developed a passion for guitar and poetry when he was a child and being the creative visionary that he is, he perfectly combined his passion, enthusiasm, and hard efforts which resulted in the formation and then the success of three different bands. He was one of the most creative ones so, he kept churning out evergreen masterpieces even when he was facing several problems because of his drug addiction.

Fans find it very refreshing and appreciable that Pete Doherty never chased commercial success and never catered to the mass for that purpose and just did what he felt like doing. They knew he is one of the few rockstars who would never mind that he was playing guitar in a local place or singing to a single person rather than a big crowd.

All in all, he is very artistic and creative but these days, far from his art being celebrated as it used to, he is being discussed because of his weight fluctuations, weight gain, and weight loss. Because he had drug problems, his weight often fluctuated which, for some reason, people find interesting. So, here goes the details about Pete Doherty’s weight gain and weight loss!

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Pete Doherty’s Weight Gain: The Singer Piled on Pounds As He Got Off Drugs!

Pete Doherty (@peterdohertyofficial) recently made an extremely rare appearance on television on Channel 4 comedy talk show The Last Leg to perform The Pogues’ 1985 classic Dirty Old Town. People were reminded of how slimmer he looked compared to before. It was actually more than a year since he had lost that weight but the last people remembered of him is him having the weight gain that everyone was talking about before that.

In 2021, Pete Doherty relocated to France with his long-term girlfriend Katia De Vidas who is his wife now. As he settled into life on the continent, he was often spotted in Normandy enjoying a stroll sporting a fuller physique. Yeah, that was the time his weight gain made headlines again after almost a decade. He reportedly replaced his drug habits with cheese and he was often seen clutching a wedge of cheese and enjoying it as a snack. Maybe that’s the reason he gained all that weight.

However, that weight gain didn’t last long and in a few months, he was spotted with a noticeably slimmer figure when he joined The Libertines on their tour. As Pete Doherty played to crowds, people couldn’t help but notice his appearance had drastically changed within a short time. Reportedly, the change was the result of him putting his drug-fuelled hedonistic lifestyle behind him.

Pete Doherty talked about how he had begun to lead a healthy lifestyle and how he enjoyed a nice glass of water instead of liquor. He also said he had taken to the bowls-style sport pétanque which seemed to be a fresh change and the one that caused him to lose weight. Just months prior to that, he had a much fuller figure. He attributed all that weight gain to sampling Normandy’s plentiful dairy products and ditching drugs. He seemed to have ditched the dairy products as well after that.

The Babyshambles singer had a similar weight gain almost a decade ago. Back then, he was very messy, what with the drug addiction he had been struggling with. And in 2012, when Pete Doherty decided to mend his ways and leave behind his wild rockstar lifestyle for good, it was not easy. Getting on drugs had a toll on his weight and getting off it had too. When he emerged in public as he was in the midst of rehabilitating himself, he had piled on the pounds which made him look unrecognizable.

Pete Doherty surprised everyone with his weight gain because he looked almost double the size compared to his drug-fuelled heyday. His face appeared super puffed up which was believed to have happened because of the change in his lifestyle after coming off the drugs. He had been receiving anti-drug treatment at a walk-in clinic and had been using a pharmaceutical opiate called Subutex to help him cope with his withdrawal symptoms from Class A drugs.

Pete Doherty looked unhealthily skinny prior to that when he was in a relationship with supermodel Kate Moss but as he started to quit his drug demons, the pounds piled back on and he had that weight gain.

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